I'm Tania, and What Would a Nerd Wear is a daily style blog. I started it as an experiment for myself, to try to dress a little more creatively with a limited wardrobe and budget.


I started this blog in 2009, when I was starting my PhD in British literature at a big school in the Midwest. In 2011, my boyfriend, Christopher, finished his PhD and I got a fellowship to complete my dissertation so we moved together to Washington, DC where he works and I am working on my dissertation and teaching.

Our Man in Havana

I consider style as an act of narration--what you wear tells a story about who you are. I take some of my pictures myself, but most of them are snapped by Christopher. I post most weekdays and I label my posts so you can see if I'm dressing to teach or to study. I ride my bicycle pretty much everywhere, so most of my outfits are bike-friendly. I also love to read, so monthly, I'll post about a few books that I recommend. Although I have very limited skills, sometimes I sew a thing or two and occasionally I'll post tips, labeled lesson plans. Have a question? You can email me.

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