Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shop My Closet on Smashion

We're downsizing quite a bit next year, so I'm culling my belongings and selling a few things on Smashion, including these skirts and dresses. I'm desperate to get rid of things so everything is cheap (i.e. under $10). Anything that doesn't sell by Saturday is going to Goodwill, so move fast if you see something you like. You're welcome to email me with any questions--and thank you!

Picnik collage

P.S. Smashion is having a great big giveaway on facebook where as more people "like" Smashion, the giveaway pot gets bigger and bigger. More details here.


Kerri said...

I would love to buy the sequin skirt but I am usually a size 6. I can fit into size 4 sometimes if the skirt doesn't have a zipper or if the material gives a bit ... can you tell me a little more about how it fits? Thanks so much!

Kelly said...

Awww ... missed out! Damn time zones. Probably a good thing. I really don't need anymore skirts or dresses ...

Kelly @
Elegantly Academic

Lyndsay! said...

You should try ebay!

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

lyndsay--actually, i don't have the time for ebay's long wait periods. plus smashion is super fast, there aren't any fees, and the emails are so clear. i much prefer it!

The Fashionista's said...

I think my right thigh might be a size 4! LOL

This is a great idea and an awesome way to thin your closet to make way for newer items.

LOVE it!

~ Ad

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

thanks, ad! i've never sold with smashion before but i'm finding it so simple, easy, and quick. i'm loving it.

girl in the poodle shoes said...

never heard of smashion, great post! I might put a few things up myself..

Girl in the Poodle Shoes
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Sara said...

Wow, this seems to have zoomed by. Good to know you successfully sold things, though!

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