Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lookin' Good, Jeanne Calment

hot hot hot

hot hot hot

hot hot hot
works cited: j. crew skirt, belt and bracelet; ruche top; UO flats

Even though linen wrinkles like a Sphynx cat, it keeps a girl cool. And because walking out my front door feels more or less like stepping into a hot tub fully clothed, I could look like I'm wearing a supercentenarian and I wouldn't care, as long as it didn't make me any hotter than I already am. Today, I had the luxury of getting dressed because 1. I had office hours on campus and thus had to see other human beings; 2. my jean shorts are starting to keep their shape even after I take them off, and it's beginning to alarm me.


Kelly said...

Ha, ha ... I know what you mean about the luxury of getting dressed. I sometimes work from home & getting dressed is a dragged out process, in which I am usually fully dressed by about 10-11am ...

Kelly @
Elegantly Academic

Teodora said...

Linen's wrinkles are the kind that are there but you don't see them! You look so elegant and "fresh"!


Melanie's Randomness said...

Oh yeah linen wrinkles!! Love your outfit! Your top is pretty!

Melanie's Randomness

Elena said...

Was in your town very briefly this week and WOWZA. Much worse than MKE. My glasses (and Adam's camera lens) fogged up the minute we stepped outside.

That said, you look fabulous! Very chic.

kelleyjohnson07 said...

1. Nobody minds your wrinkles, I promise.
2. Jean shorts are fab and pretty sturdy... I think it's okay if they keep their shape... at least that is what I tell myself.
3. (an extra for good measure) I really love that skirt!

Steffen said...

absolutely love this outfit :)


Kiki's Corner said...

Your top is super cute :)


Paige (Final Clothes-Out) said...

Hahaha, Sphynx cat.

Can you believe we're having such a high heat index in the midwest? For Chicago it's 110 today. Crazytown.

Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

But I love linen wrinkles and all- so classic summer. And so vintage vibe...wear the wrinkles proudly.

Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
July giveaway


I'm so glad office hours gave you an excuse to blog this outfit b/c it's adorable!! I didn't expect to see much of you during move time, but lucky for selfish me, responsibilities keep you out of the obligatory jean shorts every once in awhile ;)

Ro said...

That aqua color is so great on you! Found your blog through your Pinterest, your outfits are so cute.

Virginie's Cinema said...

I adore this outfit! Has a little whimsical feel to it :)

Virginie ♥

Nav said...

What a fresh look!! i love it Tanya..the colors and the lace in the top are so pretty!!

xo Nav

Miranda said...

Love the outfit! I left you an award on my blog if you'd like to check it out :)

Healthy and Homemade said...

That's a beautiful tank, I love it tucked in.

Hannah said...

Your outfits are always so lovely!

Incidentally, I came across a lovely lobster maxi dress that made me think of you. So, I have to share it!


wait until the sunset said...

babe you ahve AMAZING style! I'm loving it!!


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