Thursday, May 12, 2011

Five Bamboo Giveaway: Style It and Win It!


This week, I have a really exciting giveaway from Five Bamboo, an amazing Seattle-based company that produces environmentally-sustainable, beautiful wardrobe basics. I’m lucky enough to have quite a few pieces from Five Bamboo, and I highly recommend them, both on aesthetic and ethical grounds. (I should also mention that they sent Christopher a pair of their bamboxer briefs and he luurves them--but for some bizarre reason, he won't let me post a picture of him in his undies on the internet :).


This week, Five Bamboo is offering one reader an entire outfit of her choice from their store! The catch is: I’ll also be wearing the winning combination. To enter, check out Five Bamboo and leave a comment telling me how you might style any of the pieces here or from their store. The more specific the comment, the better.

Next week, I pick the winning comment, I’ll wear the suggested ensemble and you’ll win all the Five Bamboo items from the outfit (in the colors and size of your choice, of course). Best of all: the winner and I will be twinsies. Please leave a valid email address in the comments if you’re not easy to find. Good luck--I'm excited to mooch off see your styling ideas :)

P.S. Five Bamboo is also offering readers a 20% discount using the code "sustainablenerds" and it is valid until May 31st.


brandi said...

ooh, this is fun!

I would start with the Shelf tank in Applewax Green and top it with the Elusive Dress in Raspberry Red - that peek of green in the top would be gorgeous together!

Then, because it's still chilly here in the mornings and evenings, I'd have the Midnight Blue Etheb hoodie ready and with me, just in case I needed a bit more cover on my arms.

Camille said...

this is such an exciting giveaway!

the rohre dress in Imperial Purple and Teal, add those adorable brown wedges that you own. Plus a nice chunky wooden bohemian necklace would be beautiful. I think it'd be the perfect mix of the eccentric and modesty: the fun color block with elements that hints at an appreciation for all things natural. :)


transcendentalwildoats said...

So exciting! I'd better include as many items as possible to make sure we both get Not our money's worth. Just kidding! Sort of.

First off I would start with the purple miniskirt that I have been eyeing on the website and on your blog. I have a big bum compared to a small top as well, and I love that you wear skirts that use this to your advantage instead of hiding it! On top I would pair the white scoop neck tee with a vibrant and light scarf or a statement necklace. Underneath I would definitely go for the boyshorts, since you just can't have VPL in a miniskirt. You might wear this with sandals with chunky heels, but I would wear a pair of worn-in Sperrys that I stole from my mom at 18 (they used to be navy but are now a soft grey thanks to years of sun and saltwater).

Hurray for warm weather and skirts!

jdelanty said...

The Rohre dress is so adorable and the Imperial Purple/1985 Tea is a great combo. For those of us who have yet to experience the warmth of spring, pairing the dress with the cropped leggings would be perfect. Throw in a pair of simple flats, a chunky beaded necklace, and you've got a simple and fun spring outfit.

Swati said...

Its really fun in organizing ur outfit from the shop.
i'll start with the Blueberry Dress in burgundy color which will be tucked in 'Travel skiirt' in applewax green color. i'll wear the Blueberry dress as a top.

email :

Anja said...

I can totally see the Artemis Dress in Midnight blue, on top the shelf tank in Glacial grey, knotted at the hem on your left side, at the part of the dress where it gets wider to accentuate your waist. To keep it working for chilly weather, I would wear the cropped leggings in black. As underwear you can then wear the Bamboyshorts in Midnight blue as well :) Shoes you could wear with them would be your white keds. Accessorize them with a coral or orange necklace (I think, I remember you had one), Ray Ban shades and wear a loose top knot.

Hope you like it!


Jilliebeanie said...

this calls for some serious color blocking!
Mini Skirt in Raspberry Red +
V Neck in Burgundy +
Etheb Hoodie in Papaya =

Finish it up with some cute flats (maybe in YELLOW?) and my hair in a pretty print scarf. With my tan leather backpack and my pup in tow, I'd take a walk in the park, read a book under a big willow tree, have icecream on a patio, browse a sidewalk sale...hopefully all of the above.

Jenny said...

I forgot to talk accessories and shoes, so here's my second attempt (deleted first):

I'm wanting bright and casual. I'd wear the scoop neck tee in burgundy with a raspberry red cami underneath. I'd finish it off with the travel skirt in gray. In fact, I think I'll buy this outfit if I don't win. With the discount, it's only about $56! I'd wear it with colorful wedge sandals and minimal jewelry. If it's a hot day (which it usually is here in FL), I'd go with hair up and big earrings.

Elena said...

I would pair the Raspberry Red mini Skirt with a navy and white striped tank top and maybe some gold sandals:)

Melanie said...

all their clothes look so versatile and comfortable! my outfit would consist of the v-neck top in fog grey tucked into the mini skirt in raspberry red. i'd probably then belt the outfit with either a tan or metallic belt and throw in a scarf with a pattern that features a bit of blue (maybe turquoise?). as for shoes, maybe some tan wedges or sandals? so fun!

melle76 (@) gmail (dot) com

Mari said...

Who won the book cover t-shirt? I'm still hoping....

Sarah said...

Ahhh, this is so hard. All of their clothes are so cute and interchangeable. I'd love to order some items, but I joined The Great American Apparel Diet, soo..... No dice. Unless I win!

Oka, so the outfit I'm going to describe might sound boring at first.

I like the:
Black Miniskirt with theFog Gray Scoopneck Tee tucked in. Pair it with your tan Steve Madden boots and a matching brown belt. A thick one, like you wore here:

For some reason I love black, gray, and tan together?!

Then add a flair of color from a piece you already have.

Such as this scarf:

Or this chunky necklace:

Or your red tights!

Cat said...

1. Don't forget the undies! The Thong looks comfortable, and you don't want any panty lines showing! Glacial blue is a fun color.

2. The Artemis dress looks so flattering and comfortable. The Raspberry Red is a glorious and fun color!

3. Since it's still not quite warm enough where I live, cardigans are essential. You have some nice ones that put my rather substantial collection to shame. I like the yellowy-mustard J.Crew sweater you have.

4. The belt and wedges from your April 13 post would look nice with this dress. I like pairing lights and tan with red, since I don't see it a lot.

5. Throw in some sunglasses, a simple necklace, and you're good to go!

(P.S. It's soooo tempting just to pick everything from Five Bamboo and layer it into one huge outfit!)

Kate said...

I'd start with their thong, in white. I'd add the simple awesomeness of the Blueberry Dress in midnight blue (of course), and add some big, fun turquoise earrings and bracelet. I'd probably even wear my turquoise flats! I'd sling the fog-gray Etheb hoodie over my arm (or more accurately, stuff it in my huge purse) for the chilly evening. Perfect!

marginalia84 said...

What a fun give-away! It makes me feel like I'm playing with paper-dolls and putting together the perfect outfit.

Where to begin... I love the Artemis dress (it's got POCKETS! hurray!), which I'd get in raspberry red. I'd wear the black crop leggings under it, as it's still a little nippy outside here. And I think the yellow cardigan from Target would give the ensemble a gorgeous pop of color! I' probably wear black flats or sandals and a chunky necklace in a burgundy-ish color to finish it off.

marginalia84 said...

oh, and my e-mail address is dannahdennis at gmail. Thanks!

rachel said...

i see a ton of combinations! i'd put together an outfit that would work for the art/craft festival that i'm attending this weekend!

i'd pair the scoop neck tee in fog gray with the mini skirt in imperial purple! i think i would go with some cork wedges and my hammered sterling silver cuff bracelet. I'd probably also keep the etheb hoodie handy for later on! (I'd love to see five bamboo make a swingy cardigan or some other long sleeve layer options in the future!)

the scoop neck tee would be perfect for showcasing a statement necklace (or any other quirky, handmade accessories i might come across this weekend!)

- rachel

BreAnna said...

I would wear the Elusive Dress in Raspberry Red (I LOVE this color!) with the Shelf Tank in Fog Grey underneath. Of course the outfit would not be complete without Bamboyshorts in Burgundy. If I wore this outfit on a day I commute by bike I would wear the Crop Leggings in Black to minimize the amount of extremely pale leg exposed. ;) I would probably take them off when I arrived at my destination. I would wear these shoes- which I see we are both eyeing on Pinterest. I would wear my hair down and curly. I'm not the best at accessories so honestly I probably wouldn't wear any, though I imagine a delicate necklace would be nice. I have my eye on this one- I think the hint of bright green and blue would go well with the dress.

amanda said...

It's so intimidating to try to style for YOU! Normally you're my go-to for inspiration :)

Anyway, I would style the blueberry dress in burgundy with a pair of colorful (maybe yellow?) flats and a fun, printed "scarf-as-a-belt," a la Elaine. A few bangles on the wrist and big hoop earrings and that would be it!


Elsbeth said...

I absolutely love these dresses! I am actually getting married next year and am hoping to buy a set of the Artemis dresses in Midnight Blue for my bridesmaids. These dresses flatter every body type, are amazingly versatile (who’s going to say they’ll never wear their dress again?), ethically made, and HAVE POCKETS! My idea is to style my girls with huge messy side buns, tied with mint green hair ribbons…cute earrings , and matching statement necklaces. I’ve picked out these awesome ones from Etsy ( As for the shoes, I’m thinking wedge sandals—you’ve got an awesome collection, and I’m pretty sure any of those would look great with the dress. I realize you’re just looking for new ways to style your dress (not wedding ideas) but it’d be a cool way to turn an everyday dress into a special occasion dress! I’m a big fan of supporting local/handmade/ethical stores and I think my outfit reflects that!


Maggie said...

I would wear the fog grey scoop neck tee with the raspberry red mini. You've done a few red/grey outfits and I am really intrigued by the combo - I like it a lot. I would probably wear my silver skinny belt around my waist and wear my tan oxfords. I'd accessorize with a wooden beaded necklace (to tie in some more tan to go along with the shoes), my bronze and silver midwestern-ish earrings I bought in Arizona, and lastly my headband with three tiny grey felt roses on it (I just got a pixie cut and I'm starting to experiment with headbands). I whipped up a messy 2 minute Photoshop sketch of it to help myself visualize it as I came up with it, so I might as well share:

the other emily said...

One of my favorite things to wear as the weather warms up is a bright dress, so I'd definitely start with the Artemis dress in Papaya. I think it would look great with a pair of cognac boots (with gray knee-socks peeking over the top), a braided leather belt, and a chunky gold necklace - all topped off with the signature messy blogger bun, of course. For a breezy spring picnic, I might even layer a black and white striped 3/4 sleeve shirt underneath - and just in case my skirt blows up, I'd definitely go for a pair of Bamboyshorts in Applewax Green underneath. :)

Sarah said...

Well as a 3rd grade teacher I need to dress appropriately. Undergarments are important, don't want to fidget all day so the Shelf tank in classic black with the Bamboyshorts in raspberry red would satisfy this need. I would wear the Blueberry dress in Midnight Blue as blue is our main school color. Pair this with the Crop leggings because when I'm down on the floor for a story, I want to sit criss-cross applesauce. I would throw on the Etheb Hoodie in papaya (I already have it in Midnight Blue!) for when I'm out for recess duty because it can be chilly on these early Spring days. I've been eyeing sparkly Toms shoes for awhile, and these are comfortable enough for standing on my feet all day teaching. At the end of the day, I pull off the dress and I'm ready for my yoga class in my crop leggings and shelf tank!

Awesome contest, here's criss-crossing my fingers!

Aviva said...

This is fun! And it's so cool their clothing is made from bamboo, a nice sustainable option!

I love the miniskirt in Imperial purple. I'd pair it with the scoop neck tee in Raspberry red for a pretty jewel-tone combo.

As for shoes, I might pair it with my red strappy cork wedges. Or maybe a pair of brown or tan flats. I think your turquoise pendant necklace would go nicely with this too- I saw you wear the necklace and loved is so much I got one too! If it's chilly I say throw on a beige cardigan (wish I had your cool ruffle-y j crew one), and there you go!

Meghan said...

I love love love the green Artemis dress! With a dress like that I'd wear my chacos and be ready for an easy hike:)
For hiking there is high importance on layering, so I would definitely need a teal Etheb hoodie, along with some bamboyshorts and a green shelf tank.

Thanks for the great giveaway!

Laura said...

tough decision! I would go for the red mini skirt and the etheb hoodie in grey (it says it's light weight, so I'd put a striped tank or shirt under it for layering). I'd wear some red gladiator sandals and my hair in a bun. perfect for a cool night! and to dress it up, I would layer it with a schoolboy blazer over it (again, it says the hoodie is perfect for layering!), in black.

lauramhoward at hotmail dot com

Annmarie said...

I would choose the Artemis dress in Raspberry Red (which I have been coveting for sooo long) and pair it with a black and white striped cardigan, silver gladiator sandals, and a simple silver locket.

Rebecca H. said...

Who doesn't love a black miniskirt? No one I want to know.

I'd pair the black miniskirt with the scoopneck in burgundy. Because I love pairing black and tan, I'd wear some tan flats and a tan cardigan (though I live in Texas, buildings tend to be hyper air conditioned). I'd top it all off with a bold statement necklace!

Urban Wife said...

I love the Artemis dress in Papaya. I would dress it down by wearing it with my black Converse and this lovely necklace I purchased in Israel:

My hair is super duper curly so I would wear it in a loose bun at the nape of my neck, accompanied with a headband similar to this one from Etsy:

Top the outfit with aviator sunglasses and I'm ready for a weekend day of fun! :)

Olivia said...

This is such a fun challenge!

I have been trying to make my more punk style a little more academic-appropriate. I think for teaching, I would love to rock the Rohre Dress in imperial purple/teal over a grey Etheb Hoodie. I'd wear my black leather belt with silver studs across the waistband of the dress, my black converses, and kick-ass turquoise earrings. I'd grab my giant black canvas/white leather studded bag to throw all my junk in; probably also stowing a pair of heels, so I can switch the shoes and ditch the hoodie before I have to look fancy on a date. Standard spiky hair, of course. :)

That dress looks like it'd be a definite workhorse for me! So versatile...perfect for days where I have to go from grubbing around installing objects in the museum to a 2 mile uphill walk to teach, followed by a fancy lecture/reception. PLUS I'd be comfortable the whole time! Love it.

olivia -dot- hillmer -at- gmail -dot- com

tiny dancer said...

I love this post giveaway! And the Five Bamboo clothes are fabulous :) Thanks for posting this Tania!

I'd have to pick the Artemis Dress in midnight blue and mix it with the crop leggings. Then I'd wear a white and brown fedora with my jean jacket to top it off. Converse sneakers would also be involved ;) Along with a cutesy tote. Awesomeness :)



Mallory T. said...

I would put the Travel Skirt (in Burgundy) with the Shelf Tank (in Fog Grey). I like these two items together because they remind me of a cute-but-lazy day, e.g. a long car ride or a day lounging around the house.

I would top these two Five Bamboo pieces with my favorite denim jacket and a funky pendant necklace.

I would wear casual gold or brown sandals/flip flops. My hair would be down and wavy! Having my hair like this adds to the bohemian theme of the outfit (plus hair up + headrest = unhappy car ride).

All in all, I think this look would be really down-to-earth and casual; because of this, I think it really embodies the vibe that Five Bamboo gives off!

Anne said...

I'm a teacher, so being comfy, conservative, and still stylish is important to me. I think the Elusive Dress in papaya is the perfect summer dress, and best of all, it can go from work to play easily! I love blue and orange together, so I'd pair it with the shelf tank in midnight blue (for extra coverage at work), and of course the matching bamboyshorts in midnight blue underneath. Birkenstock gizehs (mine are silver) would look cute and I'd feel amazing even after standing all day (by the way, thanks for your post about these last summer; I was on the fence about ordering them since I wasn't sure if they were the most stylish, but you helped me just go for it - and my feet can't thank you enough! Plus I get tons of compliments on them, who would have thought?!) For accessories, I'd wear a long, but simple silver pendant necklace, silver chandelier earrings, and a bambracelet - this isn't in their online store but I saw them mentioned in their blog and they look super cute!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

oooh this is a fun giveaway!!

i'd totally pair the scoopneck tee with the red mini skirt - then rock 'em with ivory tights and my platform sandals. i'd throw in some chunky jewelry - we're talking big rings and bangles. i'd keep the hair down and crazy - lots of waves. keeping it simple but dramatic with accessories!!

thanks for the chance. <3 the blog and this shop. :)

email: muchloveilly[at]gmail[dot]com

Justine said...

I am a student and cute and comfortable is what I need everyday including the lazy weekend days. I would wear the black Elusive Dress with a white vneck on days I don't feel like showing much shoulder and of course, I will need to wear a pair of gray Bamboyshorts on the days where the wind attempts to make me flash random people on the street! I think I'll top this off with a fun scarf and a pair wedges :)

Thank you so much!!

Just Better Together

apurpledress said...

I would style the Rohre Dress in Imperial Purple with the shelf tank in white underneath. I usually like to wear white tanks under v-neck tops. I would probably add some simple jewelry (maybe a pedant necklace) and some brown/tan wedges to the mix.

roses-in-flux said...

I would do something that falls sort of between dressy and casual (in other words, my usual style). I would wear the Etheb hoodie in midnight blue. It is nice and fitted, so it looks more polished than some hoodies, while still being super comfortable. I would then add the Mini skirt in imperial purple. I like the color combination of the deep blue with the purple - it's not matchy-matchy, but they work together nicely since they are both rich cool tones. It is still rather chilly in my neck of the Midwest (seriously, it's May and it's only 52 degrees!), so I would add some opaque tights (probably black) and my tan corduroy blazer. For finishing touches, I would add some patent black heels (I have these: and my tan L.L. Bean shoulder bag to tote all my stuff in.

sarahroseyoung (at) gmail (dot) com

pneuwarum said...

I gave my notice at work today. My itchy feet will soon be placated when I hop on a plane bound for Awesome, which equals Europe and parts unknown. Of course, this is the perfect excuse to find a comfortable and stylish travel outfit; Five Bamboo clothes fit the bill.

First up, bamboyshorts (colour? That's between me, my friends.) Comfort is paramount when you're stuck on an airplane, unable to sleep and surrounded by waves of gentle snores.

Next, a midnight blue Rohre dress with an applewax band. Stretchy bamboo + flattering shape + happy colours guarantees that I'll both look and feel good even when I'm running flat out to catch my connecting flight. Oh, and I'm a sucker for a dress with pockets. I'll tie a stripey scarf around the waist just before my plane touches down on the other side of the globe so I can pretend to myself that I haven't been wearing the same clothes for 24 hours. Hey lookee, new dress!

I'll wear the crop leggings underneath; they'll help me transition between climates, with the possibility of slipping them off and tucking them away in my carry-on. They have a secret pocket in the waistband!!!

You may have guessed by now that I'm an inveterate layerer; partly because I'm from Canada (Hello, minus 30C! Nice to meet you) but also due to my adherence to the Boy Scout motto. Be Prepared with an Etheb hoodie in teal--air conditioning, do your worst. I'll only get chills when we make our descent toward the sunlit avenues of Paris in the springtime.

My green flats and silver bar necklace that spells out "vivere", along with my ebook reader loaded with classics, are all the accessories I need. Oh, wait, where did I put my passport?

This is very detailed. I admit it; I'm a keener. ;) Tania, want to come along with me on my trip? I bet we'd get bumped up to first class.

kimbercrafts said...

Ooh, fun giveaway! I'd pair the red Artemis dress with a pair of leopard flats (like yours here:, a turquoise necklace (like yours here:, and a neutral cardigan (like yours here:

feminismwithyourcoffee said...

I would go for simple yet really flattering and feminine. The blueberry dress in burgundy with your traversa cardigan from J. Crew (the one with the ruffles) in the neutral tone. I would also add the skinny brown belt, and pair it with the black wedges from target. Simple but chic. I love how the Blueberry dress is longer and totally flattering.

Alisha said...

Ok, first off, I've got to say that this is a fun and great giveaway. Ok, onto the styling...

I'm liking the color combination of the Rohre dress in imperial purple with the 1985 teal band and blue flats (either teal, to match the band, or a darker royal blue, paired with accessories in various shades of blue (thinking of blue earrings). Basically, you'd be going for a cool berry color mix, with the deepest color being the deep purple dress. For fun contrast, I'd wear a yellow cardigan in the morning when it's cool outside. Happy styling. :)

Sarah said...

This is one of the best giveaway ideas I've ever heard of!

I am a big fan of comfortable, stylish dressing on my weekends. I would put together the Artemis dress in midnight blue with the Etheb hoodie in teal, a pair of cropped leggings in black and (depending on the weather), either my Converse low tops (which are in a graffiti fabric containing all of these colors!) or my trusty black t-strap flat sandals.

Thanks so much!


Carly said...

For an easy breezy summer outfit to wear on the weekend, I'd pair the burgundy travel skirt with fog grey scoopneck tee. Then I might add a skinny cognac belt slung a little bit loose on my hips and some flat cognac sandals. I'd top it off with some gold hammered earrings.

cstatz75 at hotmail dot com

Beth said...

Yay! I'm glad this is back! I think I would wear this for a casual day... think farmers markets and walking to do errands.

I would probably start with a white Shelf Tank and the Bamboyshorts in fog grey. I would pair that with the Elusive Dress in payaya. When it got cooler in the evening (I live in Oregon, so it does!), I would pull on the very cozy Etheb Hoodie in fog grey. I would wear my Bamboo ensemble with a pair of big silver earrings with intricate designs in the metal (a summer favorite) and comfy sandals. I would most likely carry my favorite market bag, which was crocheted out of old grocery bags by my Mom.

deanna said...

the weather in iowa has been kind of nuts lately, so i'd be all about layering for all potential weather outcomes for the day. i'd wear the travel skirt in midnight blue with some bamboyshorts underneath for some added modesty when a sudden gust of wind comes my way. i'd add the shelf tank in fog grey and top it off with the etheb hoodie in papaya. i'd finish the outfit off with my birkenstocks - not the prettiest shoes i own, but currently, the easiest on my feet!

iscoolster at gmail dot com

jenpopa said...

The temptation to layer everything is strong, but I will fight it! I am getting desperate for proper sunshine in all this Seattle grey. With that in mind, I will envision summer weather and choose the rohre dress because I have been eyeing it for ages. Really any color would work, but I think it's the most structured of the pieces, so for summer I would add:

A basic brown flat sandal:

A pair of short feathery earrings:

And at the colored stripe I would add a thin metallic belt, or a thin braided belt, for an extra stripe of color.

Summer naturally requires a braid, so a pretty fishtail braid it is:

What a fun contest! Thanks Tania!

jenpopa said...

Whoops! Fishtail braid!

Caitlin B. said...

My look would definitely focus on layering so that I could take the look from a long day of studying for finals in the library to hitting a rooftop wine bar for a little post exams celebration. I would definitely start with a base of their super cute thong in fog grey (just say ‘no!’ to panty-lines) and the shelf tank (also in fog grey). Next comes a pair of crop leggings in black for comfort and warmth. (Is it just me, or is it always cold in the upper reaches of the library?)

Follow those up with the Rohre Dress in fog grey with midnight blue trim , and top it all off with the amazingly cuddly (yet form fitting) Etheb Hoodie in Midnight blue. While studying, I’d keep the hoodie on and throw my hair up in a ponytail (possibly with a headband) and some button style earrings (and glasses of course). Maybe even throw in a lightweight scarf to add a pop of complementary color and interest (the Painter’s Sketch Floral Scarf from Ruche would be lovely:

When it’s time to play, peel off the scarf and hoodie in favor of a more polished cardigan, toss on a sweet, chunky vintage-inspired locket (I’m coveting this book inspired piece:, add some bangles, let your hair down and hit the town.

As for my feet? I’d have to hit the library in my tried and true classic Tom’s and maybe spice it up with these sexy t-strap peep toes from Target when the day’s done: I own the pair in red and they are SO comfortable.

xaster57 (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

With a 5 year old running around, I can sneak by with a Elusive Dress in black and a pair of black Bamboyshorts!

Thanks so much!


Jhan said...

Hi Tania,

I've decided to use some of your pieces as inspiration (afterall, you will be emulating the winning style). :-)

I chose the red mini skirt as my main article of clothing from Five Bamboo. I would pair it with a crisp white top (tucked in or layered over the skirt), a loose fitting blazer, comfy shoes and a charming necklace. Also, maybe with a skinny belt to cinch in the blazer a bit. I put a Polyvore set together to make it easier to picture. Here is the link:


A. said...

Wonderful giveaway and a cool company too!

I would layer the travel skirt (in red) over the blueberry dress (in black). Of course, this would be over the bamboyshorts (in black). I would pair this with my black flats and would probably add a scarf (in a solid color). I would wear my (normally straight) hair down and curly and top the whole outfit with my black trench coat.

I have been experimenting with the idea of wearing a skirt over a dress. This is a way to expand my wardrobe options and create more outfits while still traveling light! This also allows me to keep dresses a tad short for work in my work wardrobe.

Cat said...

Oh man... I commented on this a few days ago, but my comment seems to have disappeared! :( So apologies if you've already read this and I just fail at the internet. By now, I forget exactly what colors I had in mind... so if my other comment is still out there, go with that one!

1. Don't forget the undies! I'd go with the Bamboo thong in the fun Raspberry Red. It looks comfortable, and won't leave any panty lines!

2. For the main event, I'd pick the Artemis dress in Raspberry Red. It's a really nice, bright color, and while it's bright, it isn't overpowering. Plus, it has pockets and a shelf bra! Awesome.

3. As much as I want to put together all the Five Bamboo pieces so I have a chance of winning them all, for the sake of styling, I'd leave the dress to be the focal point. Since it's not quite warm enough where I live, a cardigan or jacket is essential. You have a black blazer that appears many places, most recently your May 4 entry. Cute!

4. For accessories, I think it's best to keep it simple. You have a nice cream/gold belt (I can't tell...) in your May 2 entry, as well as the same gold shoes from that entry. I think they'd look nice. Not too matchy, but not clashing!

5. Add a simple necklace, and some sunglasses. Then you're good to go!

MoranSha said...

i would wear the artemis dress in black and pair it with colorful tights; either in a bold color like red or turquoise or with a pattern (i have a pair of floral tights, to die for). black shoes - ballerina flats or high heels. a thin belt, ,maybe a woven brown one. i'd wear my hair up, a delicate gold necklace and pearl earrings.


Peacock Princess said...

I would LOVE to have the black elusive dress!
This is how I'd wear it:

The black elusive dress


A shawl/scarf either as a belt or around the neck (it's autumn in Australia now so I think I'd wear it around my neck but in summer I'd wear it as a belt)


blue heels/wedges:


my off white trench coat.

As for accessories, I'd go for white pearl looking studs for a simple look.

I want to win! PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!!!!

Peacock Princess said...

Oh I forgot to mention the boyshorts! That would totally complete the outfit!

Bethany said...

I would go with the Artemis dress in Raspberry Red. I'm loving that red is such an in color this spring! This dress is lovely, yet simple and could be remixed in so many different ways.

For this spring weather, I would wear the dress with brown Cowboy boots, because I'm a bit of a country girl. Then I'd wear a turquoise pendant necklace (like the one here: and a floppy beach hat (like here: to mix up the country feel a little bit.

Great giveaway!


Sarah said...

I'm picturing a summer/fourth of july weekend look! I'd start with the white shelf tank and the white V-neck on top. I'd tuck those in to the rasberry red mini skirt. To keep with the fourth of July theme, I'd add my favorite summer scarf, which is navy and white striped, and very light and airy. A similar scarf to the one I own is seen here:

I'd add tan/brown gladiator sandals (no heels for me!) and a brown belt. If the weather got chilly at night, I'd add my favorite denim jacket. For jewelry, I'd keep it simple: just a set of earrings.

Anonymous said...

I would start with the Travel Skirt in black and a crisp white V Neck T. This simple color combination would be the perfect backdrop to showcase the Etheb Hoodie in papaya. I would finish off this comfortable and classy look with some simple black flip flops, silver earrings, and my hair down.

Lindsey said...

I live in dresses in the summer, so I naturally gravitated towards the lovely Elusive dress--which you wore so effortlessly last week.

Because of the dress code at work--I work at the Children's Museum in Portland--I'm not allowed to bear my shoulders or wear open-toed shoes; which is particularly heartbreaking during the heat of summer.

To combat my shoulder-showing I would pair a black Elusive dress with a white scoop neck T, much like Emily has done here ( of my other favourite style bloggers. I would belt the dress much the same as Emily to give the outfit some interest and because I love belts.

To finish off the outfit I would wear my windchime necklace gifted to me by my Aunt and a pair of Ecote Macrame Skimmers in red (find them at UO) plus my sweet vintage shades while I'm out tending scraped knees on the playground. I'm sure you would look just as fabulous as Emily in this outfit!


erin e. said...

What a fun giveaway!!

I would start with the mini skirt in raspberry red. The mini would be paired with the glacier blue self tank. This is the perfect outfit for walking around a summer festival. And because I live in Seattle and it can get chilly I'd have the Etheb Hoodie in fog grey on hand. Add cute pair of flats like these:
and we'd almost have the perfect out fit. A simple necklace like this is the final touch:,+product.marketingPriority&navCount=75&navAction=poppushpush&color=&pushId=W_ACC_JEWELRY&popId=WOMENS_ACCESSORIES&prepushId=&selectedProductSize=

etespedal at hotmail dot com

hurricanekerrie said...

On a Friday night, after work, I would enjoy happy hour cocktails and appetizers while wearing the Rohre dress in Imperial purple & 1985 teal with a jean jacket, gray scarf and black wedges and turquoise accesories.

hurricanekerrie [at] yahoo [dot] com

Jennifer L said...

Love all of their products, but I'd keep it clean and simple. Starting with the Blueberry dress in Midnight Blue, I'd add a medium-width belt in maroon/burgundy. You could add in the crop leggings for modesty warmth. To punch up the outfit a bit more but still maintain the clean aesthetic, I'd wear some metallic shoes, like these Jeffrey Campbell flats in the gold shade - origin=category&cm_ven=Linkshare&cm_cat=partner&cm_pla=10&cm_ite=1&siteId=J84DHJLQkR4-sfuOyiZg6qIIzwqSAYg1bg

If weather was too cold to wear this alone, I'd add a clean khaki jacket with a little bit of slouch.

ecperkins said...

With summer right around the corner I am very drawn to the cute summer dresses. I would keep the outfit cute and simple. I would wear the Elusive dress in Papaya - I think this color would look nice with your hair color. If I were you I would wear your floral wedges c/o ruche, and if the weather was chilly you could put on a sweater from j.Crew. I like the sweater you have with the ruffles). I would not dress this outfit up too much with jewelry, but I would wear fun, long earrings, and you could wear bangles if you liked. I really want to order this dress for myself!

Anonymous said...

I'd wear the Traveller's skirt in Burgundy in one of two ways -

First, as a dress, with some great summery sandals (like these, maybe? I'd top off the look with a light and airy scarf, probably in white or pink.

The other way I'd wear it (for more casual/less revealing situations) would be as a top - the folded over waistband over the chest, a wide scarf (etc) belt around the empire line, and the cropped tights underneath (assuming they're thick enough for tights-as-pants - if not, a pair of straight-legged dark stretch jeans would go in place). For footwear, a pair of ballerina flats with open lace work (ie - not solid leather or canvas, pretty open shapes all over). Hair tied back with a scarf-as-headband.

I'm not adding a jacket to either look because it's almost summer, darn-it-all, and I'm thinking positively!

Sara said...

I would wear the raspberry red scoop neck tee with the imperial purple mini skirt because I'm so into color-blocking right now! I would either wear it alone, with a black cardigan, or with a fake leather bomber jacket. I would add a long metal necklace and small stud earrings. On my feet, I would either wear red flats for a casual look or nude heels for going out. If it gets chilly, I would add a simple black scarf.

~Sara S.

Jenny said...

Mine was a blogger-eaten entry, so here it is again:

I'd go with the shelf tank in raspberry red with a scoop neck tee in burgundy overtop. (I love some tonal layering). For the bottom, I'd wear a grey travel skirt (matching thong underneath, natch), and, although I didn't include it in my original entry, in the evening, I'd top it all off with a papaya hoodie (though I'm not sure how all these red tones will work together). For accessories, I'll go with some wedge sandals and simple silver jewelry. Perfect for a summer day by the beach! In fact, I'm thinking I'll probably buy the outfit if I don't win. Everything is so reasonably priced - like $70 for everything with your discount.

positiveregard said...

Ooh I would pair the midnight blue scoop neck with the black mini skirt and the teal etheb hoodie! Perfect combination of comfy and classic!

Sarah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah said...

I absolutely love the mini skirt! I'd pair it with the v-neck top and grab the hoodie in case the weather gets cooler.

chibiyui said...

To make use of all five pieces, I'd start with the Rohere Dress in Fog/midnight blue, and layer the shelf tank in mid. blue underneath, throw on the etheb hood in papaya for a pop of color, make use of the crop leggins in black if it was a bit cool out, and have the bamboyshorts in black on underneath, cause boy shorts are the best cut ever.

Erica said...

I would wear the Blueberry dress in Midnight blue (with a shelf tank underneath for warmth) with a striped blazer, which would be belted with a brown, leather belt. See blazer:

Throw on my yellow cork wedges and some pearls and I would be good to go! See wedges:

North Meets South

Aimee said...

My ideal outfit at the moment (post-finals de-stress) would be something that I could lounge around in. Bamboyshorts shorts in midnight blue, shelf tank in black, and etheb hoodie in fog gray. Add your thick black frames, a good book, and a cuddly kitty. So cute and comfy!

Sarah said...

I really like the Artemis dress... looks versatile! I'd style it with browns and earthy tones for day, and black and grey and white at night...
brown leather sandals
metallic coppery scarf from Istanbul
vintage flower earrings
lime/grass green cardigan

black lace clutch
peep-toe ribbon bow heels
black cardigan beaded in silvery-grey tones with little pearls- one of my favorite hand-me-downs ever
a blue-grey flower in my hair
oversize pearl earrings

Melissa said...

I am loving these clothes! I am a stay-at-home mom who struggles to keep a balance between looking fashionable and also being comforatable (running after kids at the park, organizing craft time, and cleaning up messes) at the same time. I think the the Rohre dress could be may "go-to" dress. I love the imperial purple/1985 teal color combination and could style it a couple of different ways:

1. "date at the park"
rohre dress with my favorite grey toms and simple flower post earrings like these:

2. "lunch with a friend"
rohre dress with ballet flats, and a fun necklace, such as this: and maybe a cute fedora.

3. "date night"
rohre dress with neutral tan leather wedges, gold hoop earrings, a couple of bagles, and a great clutch similar to this:

Nancy said...

1. office/work/school: start off with the five bamboo bamboyshorts in black, then i'd pair a cute lavender lace tank top with either a grey or white five bamboo shelf tank underneath. or alternatively, with a beautiful sequin tank, like the j.crew one you have in gold! i would then tuck the top in with a five bamboo mini skirt in black, and i would wear it high waisted. optionally, you can either pair it with a neutral coloured belt, or not. on a cold day, or in a more conservative setting, i'd throw on a neutral coloured cardigan over it, or if it's a hot day, then you don't have to wear the cardigan. in the winter, you can put on some thick tights and wear it with boots, like your steve madden boots. and in the summer, it would look cute with birkenstocks, or some flats (black with the lace tank, and glitter/sequin with the sequin tank).

2. for a relaxed date/running errands while still looking cute:
start off with the five bamboo thong in fog grey, then wear a five bamboo rohre dress in midnight blue/applewax, then on a hot summer day, you can either wear it with flats or birkenstocks or dressier sandals in the daytime, and heels or wedges in the nighttime, or in colder weather, wear it with tights and a great pair of boots. for accessories, you can wear a long chain with a pendant, or in the winter, it would look great with an infinity scarf.

brandilyn said...

the artemis dress! i love it, especially in that yellow/gold color (or is it orange?).

i'd pair that with a dark purple cardigan--i love mixing bold colors right now. i'd pair that with cowboy boots and a stack of bracelets--perfect for a summer date or for attending class!

Emma Costello said...

I would wear the rasberry red mini skirt with the white scoop neck tee! i love red for the spring and I think it is such a great pop of color. I would wear a big turquoise statement necklace, and gold jewelry. I would finish the outfit with gold flats and aviators.

Maryanna said...

I have been eying Artemis dress for some time now. I just love the cut and that it has pockets. Alas, my grad student salary does not allow me to spend more than, like, $20 on any single item of clothing so I just keep looking at the website wistfully. Maybe one day I will graduate and can buy one. OR maybe I'll win a contest :)

I'd get it in raspberry red. I might throw on the shelf tank in white underneath for some added support. If it's chilly, I'd wear the crop leggings underneath. Also bamboyshorts for good measure (in applewax green...but the green would be my secret)
Black flats would keep the outfit casual but cute. I get chilly at work so I always have a cardigan on hand. Unfortunately five bamboo doesn't make any cardigans, so I'd be wearing one of my own. Probably a gray or black.
I'd top it all off with a statement necklace. Something bold and colorful to play off of the bright red in the dress.

If I wanted to transition from a casual day outfit to a more exciting evening outfit, I might swap the flats for black wedges, drop the leggings all-together, add a black and silver belt, swap cardigan for black blazer, and change to a long silver necklace.

Peacock Princess said...

I would LOVE to have the black elusive dress!
This is how I'd wear it:

The black elusive dress


A shawl/scarf either as a belt or around the neck (it's autumn in Australia now so I think I'd wear it around my neck but in summer I'd wear it as a belt)


blue heels/wedges:


my off white trench coat.

As for accessories, I'd go for white pearl looking studs for a simple look.

I want to win! PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!!!!

Patricia said...

Get the elusive dress in papaya. And then style it with your yellow anthro cardi overtop, your black wedge heels (or, alternately, your birkenstocks would be a little more casual), and a sweet statement necklace. I know the color combination sounds a little crazy, but I really think that the orangey papaya would look wonderful with that sweet yellow cardi of yours. And you would look like summer on a stick.

Faz said...

Hi! These clothes look super comfy. I'd pick a Bluebbery dress in Midnight blue, if it's cold I'd add some crop leggings in black and if it's really cool layer these with some stripey knee high socks or if it's not so cool skip the leggings and try some knee high or short stripey socks and brown leather heels or sandals. A slip of a brown leather belt around the waste is an option, as is a floppy wide brim hat or a small clouch and side braided hair, or no hat and a high sleek pony tail. Jewel wise I'd go for the three disc pendant necklace you have :) Farah

Faz said...

waist** not waste** oh dear spelling boo boo

Elizabeth said...

I would suggest : the elusive dress in raspberry red, with the raspberry red bamboy shorts underneath (I love being matchy-matchy -- if only five bamboo had a matching bra as well!) Then, belt the dress with a colorful scarf (purple and green, maybe?) with a thin, tan belt over it (à la the ladies at academichic). Finish off the outfit with a pair of tan flats or sandals and some casual dangly earrings. You're ready for a summer picnic!

Alice said...

I would start with the Elusive dress in Papaya and a pair of wedges (mine are white leather and "cork"...though I'd sure like to augment my collection!). Since I teach elementary school music and spend a good deal of time bending over and sitting on the floor, I would need to add a shelf tank underneath (perhaps in burgundy), a pair of the cropped leggings, and a cardigan (I would choose my long, light-weight, pale grey one). I'd pile my hair up on top of my head and put on my favorite silver star pendant necklace and some long silver earrings. When I got home I would lose everything except the dress, shoes, and jewelry, grab a light-weight scarf (misty grey, sunny yellow, or white) and hit the town for date night!


Ashley said...

I love spring dressing because it allows me to combine some of my summer loves (light, airy dresses and scarves) with items I love from fall and winter like leather boots. I'd love to see you (and myself!) in the artemis dress is raspberry red, paired with brown leather flat boots. A nice, lightweight scarf or cardigan (depending on weather and activities) in navy would round out the all-American color palette and by adding a simple pair of silver earrings the outfit goes from casual to chic.

Thanks so much! ashleygettingdressed at gmail dot com

Cristi said...

Okay, so we pretty often see you dressed for class or something else sort of nice-ish. I'd like to see a lazylazy weekend look. (Plus, if I could live my life in lazylazy weekend clothes, I would be soooooo happy!!) Welp, here it goes...I would start with the Etheb Hoodie in Fog Grey. Underneath that would be the V Neck Tee in Applewax Green...I think that color would look good on you!! Then I would layer the Mini Skirt in Black over the Black Crop Leggings. I don't see you in leggings often, but I think they are a great option for skirts on the weekend. Oh, and you'll need a Thong, so how about Glacial Blue:) So here are all of my picks:

Etheb Hoodie--Fog Grey
V Neck Tee--Applewax Green
Mini Skirt--Black
Crop Leggings--Black
Thong--Glacial Blue

Totally relaxed but still super cute. No belt!! And you can do minimal accessories--maybe a delicate goldish necklace--and the awesome high bun thing. And some slipperlike flats. So cute!!

l.ambriz said...

I would wear the Artemis Dress (because I can't deny one of my favorite characters from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia!)in Midnight Blue, with the black Cropped Leggings, a cardigan and a couple vintage silk scarves as a belt.

Nylse said...

i would wear the scoopneck tee, with the black miniskirt. I'd accessorize with a long necklace, and big hoop earrings. On my feet my strappy platform sandals. And just in case I'm cold a slouchy boyfriend jacket. I'm of the less is more mentality.


Anonymous said...

Start with the Mini Skirt in black and the Scoop Neck shirt in Fog Grey. Tuck the shirt into the mini so it becomes pencil skirty. I would wear my necklace that has large yellow-lime beads for a dash of color and my black ray bans. Shoes, either my black suede oxfords or my “snakeskin” flats. This outfit would be perfect for a day of shopping and then out to Siesta Key for drinks with friends at night. Hair in messy bun while shopping, take it down later!

Don’t forget your Bamboyshorts in glacial blue underneath (although the possibility of panty lines might call for different underpants!).


Urban Wife said...

Artemis dress in papaya, black Converse, chunky turquoise necklace, and a headband like this one:

p.s. I am horrible at this styling thing. :)

Cel said...

I'd start with the Blueberry Dress in Applewax Green, then layer the Travel Skirt in Glacial Blue overtop it, and wear the Etheb Hoodie in Papaya.

I think the colours would be bright and fun (and go with the whole colour blocking trend) and you could tone it down a bit with some tan/leather purse and sandals and more neutral jewelry.

weetabix said...

Its terribly cold and rainy here right now, so I would go for cozy: Crop leggings under the Artemis dress (In the Apple wax green to brighten things up) and then the etheb hoodie over top to keep me toasty warm.

Kate said...

I would love the Blueberry Dress in glacial blue
This blazer:
This necklace:
These shoes:
Or on a hot day, this ‘belt’ instead of the blazer and some black flats:

Emma G said...

Blueberry dress in applewax green. Travel skirt in black layered over top with a knot on the bottom off to one side to expose the green from the dress. Accessorize with your pink Macy’s necklace, gray UO pumps, low messy bun, and understated stud earrings. And a pair applewax green Bamboyshorts!

Anja said...

As my comment was eaten by the bloggert monster, here we go again!!!
I would pair their Artemis dress in Midnight Blue with the black crop leggings (for a cool day only). On top of the dress, put the shelf tank in Fog grey. Make a knot into the tank at the left side directly where the dress gets wider (it will give your frame some curve without a belt!). Pair it with your white keds and this cute yellow striped cardigan from Anthropology and the Truly Sarah yellow necklace. with a high top knot hairdo you are ready to go! Voila!! (Ah and the undies of course: Bamboyshorts also in midnight blue - be prepared for wind, no Marilyn effect!)


Sarah said...

Oh, everything in the store is gorgeous! I want it all, but committed to The Great American Apparel Diet {TGAAD} can't get anything for a while unless I win!

Since I'm trying to use what I've already got in my closet, I'll practice with this 'outfit' as well. So tough! But I'm thinking of something with sort of a Western-ish flair:

Black Mini Skirt with this thrifted red-checked shirt, buttoned but untucked, sleeves rolled up:

Then add the White Scoopneck shirt over top of the checked shirt.

For shoes and assessories:
Long necklace with turquoise pendant:

Clark's boots:


Kate said...

Oh! My original comment was eaten as well. Luckily I check your blog often!

Okay. I'd first start with the thong in fog gray as a nice basic under it all. I would add the Blueberry Dress in midnight blue (naturally)--I love the cap sleeves and overall shape. I'd pair this dress with turquoise flats and earrings, and maybe a bright bracelet. I'd sling the fog gray Etheb Hoodie over my arm (or stuff it in my huge purse) and be on my way!

Alicia R. Ambler said...

I'm simple when it comes to silhouette, so I'd pair a pink scoopneck tee with the red mini, high up on the natural waist. Blue accessories and you're good to go!

Alicia R. Ambler said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
calumnia said...

I'd wear the Blueberry dress in Burgendy (burgendy blueberries!) with the Travel Skirt underneath in Midnight Blue to elongate the outfit. Add a pair of perfect flats ( and a cardigan or a scarf and you have a great colour-blocked outfit for Spring or Fall.

calumnia said...

(and of course the bamboyshorts in midnight blue to match!)

Anonymous said...

First off, thanks to you and Five Bamboo for doing this! I love their clothing and your blog so to me it's a fantastic challenge. Second, this is incredibly hard as I feel like I'm really just stealing style ideas from you! Finally, I was a little unclear whether to accessorize with things I know you have or dream big. Thus, I'll do both.

Part 1, with accessories you own:
From Five Bamboo: Green Artemis dress over Black Crop Leggings and the Raspberry Red Thong (for a bit of hidden excitement!).

BCBG gray sweater on top ) and Clark's wedges ( plus the earrings from that picture as well.

Hair would need to be up to match (mine is short), but I also like the ability to see the earrings better with your hair up.

Part 2, with dream accessories:
From Five Bamboo (same as above): Green Artemis dress over Black Crop Leggings and the Raspberry Red Thong (for a bit of hidden excitement!).

Ruffle-edged gray cardigan over top (maybe like in gray) and open-toed gray wedge boot with some texture (maybe like I do really like the ability to belt with your own cardigan but the ruffles give an extra dressiness I also appreciate.

Hair would need to be up to match (mine is short), but I also like the ability to see the earrings better with your hair up. I would go with some long silver earrings with a green stone (similar to

In case I'm lucky ... mtanga99 at yahoo dot com

Rosiecat said...

Oof, is it too late to enter? I've got my eye on the Elusive dress in papaya--so pretty! I'd love to wear it out to a nice dinner, so to make it a little more evening appropriate, I'd pair it with a glittery black wrap, tall black wedges, and some big jewelry. I might still worry that papaya is too bright for evening time, but then I'd remember I live in Texas and there's room for bright colors under this big starry sky.

Angela said...

I've been loving all the Five Bamboo pieces you've been wearing on here!

Hmm... I'd love to wear the Artemis Dress in black. For teaching, I'd have to put a fog gray V Neck underneath. I'd pair it with a pretty necklace and probably flats. Later, the tee would come off for a date with my (brand new!) husband, Christopher. I'd replace flats with heels, remove the pretty necklace, and replace it with some bold earrings.

Better Than a Milk Mustache

Diana Mathias said...

I love these Five Bamboo pieces!!!

I would wear.... the Rohre Dress in Midnight Blue/Applewax Green, Etheb Hoodie in Midnight Blue, and of course the Thong Underwear in Raspberry Red!!! I love this combination! It looks comfortable yet dressy. I would wear the dress with heels and lots of jewelry for a fancy occasion, flats and simple jewelry for everyday summer wear, and with the hoodie on a cold evening like by a bonfire on the 4th of july.

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