Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Photography Part II

Christmas Photography Part II

Christmas Photography Part II

Works Cited
shirt, sweater: j crew
skirt: gap
belt: thrifted
tights: hue
socks: target
boots: steve madden

My mother, who is skilled at many things and has post-graduate degrees from Columbia and UC Berkeley, does not necessarily excel at photography. Among her funnier qualities as a photographer are the strange faces she makes at you as she concentrates on snapping your picture and an uncanny ability to cut off your feet in photos. Because she is a mother, she also thinks you look "sooooooo cute!" no matter how slouchy, grumpy, or rumpled you actually appear. Hence, my dubious face in every single picture she took. (Thank you, Mom; I love you).


This outfit and I were also lucky enough to meet up with two friends with whom I went to college, the Carr sisters, Elisabeth and Maggie (if only you had a blog, Maggie, I could hyperlink your name, too :). As you can see, they are both super-stylish but they are also great friends, interesting people, and funny to boot.


Aesthetic Alterations said...

Blue and white checkered tops are *always* wonderful. A great staple! Glad to see you're having so much fun with friends--and friends with excellent tastes in bags!! xo

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

love that top - it works so great layers! also in love with those boots. santa didnt bring me a pair - maybe for the new year's. ;)

kenda said...

this might sound kind of weird, but i wish your friend maggie had a blog b/c i really like her style (at least i like what i see in this picture).

Lori said...

I'm loving all the layers here. I also like that you used the word dubious, it's my 4 year olds favorite word right now. According to him, he's dubious about everything :)
Also, loving your friend's blog :)

Tammy said...

I see you still have a
My mom is the SAME way..I swear all of the pictures she takes all of the people end up headless! haha
I love the checkered top.

Miss B said...

I love my mom, but she does the same thing. Only, like Tammy said, I end up half cropped out of the picture, or once I wasn't in the picture at all...she had the camera backwards.

I really like all the blue hues you have in this outfit, very pretty.

Krameymartin said...

I LOVE that shirt. So sad it's sold out online right now. Grr!

Enchanted Elle said...

You always look so wonderful in that top!

L. said...

I love this outfit, Tania! I would say it's one of my favourites of yours but, really, they all are!

Mrs. Marcus said...

I love the mix of colors. I need to worry on mixing grey, brown, black, and blue.

Meow & Mwah

eleanor said...

I know exactly what you mean! My Mum took some outfit photos for me while on holiday and they aren't quite the same as when my boyfriend takes them - I look really anxious! Haha.

I love this outfit, especially all the layering going on. And your hair looks adorable like that!


Hayley said...

Love the button up, esp. with the black skirt. such a staple this season.

Angela said...

Cute top! I saw a similar one at Old Navy. I passed it up and now I wish I hadn't! :)

Linda said...

Just because our families members are academic does not make them great at everything. My father and sister, both professors, would make terrible photographers (not that I'd ask, since my blog is a secret from them!). Really, my sister would struggle with anything dealing with technology.
Love the blue checkered shirt, obviously, as it was my most worn shirt in my 30 for 30.

The Auspicious Life

Allison said...

I have those steve madden boots and love them so much. Seeing you style them so many awesome ways makes me want to become a fashion blogger so I can take pictures of mine haha.

Your blog was actually the first fashion blog I ever read-I have to say it's still my favorite! Keep up these sweet posts :)

Elisabeth said...

It was SO great to see you (in the flesh) Tania!

Melanie said...

I LOOOVE that gingham top! So cute.

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Brandon said...

your blog is great! Love it a lot!

visit mine?

Brandon Hicks

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