Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sponsor Love: Spotted Moth


Occasionally, I'll ask my little sister for blog advice because I know I can trust her to be honest. Recently, she told me that she likes seeing pretty pieces from online boutiques that she wouldn't have otherwise found. So this one's for you, Rachel, some pretty pieces from Spotted Moth that might end up under the Christmas tree with your name on them. Bonus? They're all reasonably priced, even for a grad student budget.
From left: aubergine belted dress (would make you look like a grown-up in med school next year), draw the line dress (I love the sultry-sweetness of a long-sleeved mini-dress), and the midnight dress (pair it with black flats and you and your beau could dance all night).
Or you can browse their adorable offerings yourself, right here.