Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Guest Post: five things I can't wait to wear for spring

Today's guest post comes from the gorgeous and ever-chic Hillary of gleam of rose tea (her main website here, her outfits here). She has the most effortless classic style and the greatest hair, plus she has bean boots, too. We swapped posts on five things we can't wait to wear for spring, so check hers out here and then go check out my list on Hillary's awesome blog here.

outfits 012

This spring I am going for a “refined” look (think Jackie O with a Lauren Bush twist). Tailored dresses, pink nails, and effortless jewelry will be my go-to’s. It doesn’t seem too hard, but knowing the line between staples and boring can sometimes be blurry. Here is a list of five things I can’t wait to wear. With these looks, it is good to remember less is always more.


Dresses, pants, shorts, sandals. You name it. I love wearing white because it is such a fresh pallet. It also makes your tan look great. This spring I will be wearing a white linen vintage dress I just found that looks like it should be worn on the prairie. Everything white looks good with “hard” pieces like chunky brown sandals, thick belts, and heavy necklaces.

outfits 027

strappy sandals

Brown, black, gladiator, leather, straw, platforms, thick and thin straps.

outfits 025


Flowers, pins, jewels, big beads, lots of little chains. I even might try out some little studded belts, thin ones, from j.crew or I could make one.

outfits 007


Chignons, classic pony tails, hair coifs, side buns, messy french twists. A lot of hair for the spring is up and out of the face. I am going to be following suit with less structured styles of the classic up-do’s.

tailored staples

Shift dresses, trench coats, satin and chiffon blouses, structured pants. I want to wear statement pieces and fewer layers. I will be making a conscious effort not to wear a dress, tank top, cardigan, leggings, and coat. That is too much of a hassle now (and it is much too hot).

What are you looking forward to wearing for spring?

How chic is she? You can read her style blog here. And also find Hillary's unbelievable etsy shop here, packed to the brim with awesome vintage and handmade goodies like this rad scarf, this floral pin, and this so-cute-it-hurts patterned skirt.


Larysse Tavares said...

Oh, HIllary has an amazing blog T.! I also enjoyed her shop, even my money in my pocket telling me: NO, DON'T LOOK! Hehehe, anyway: she made good choices for this spring (you don't know but I think it's funny the way you guys really change during spring! I guess I don't understand because it's always sunny and never snows in here =P)
Ow, I'm in love with her up-do in the picture, because I do want to wear something like this too, but my always-messy hair doesn't help much :P


And thank you for the compliments on your last comment! You're really special for me. And that was Alex's picture, he was making my favorite face, making fun with his eyebrows ^^

xoxox, o.~

Jen said...

aww i love this guest post! she's gorgeous (and i love her hair). i can never get my hair into cute little updos like that :P

Unravelled Threads said...

So cute! Great entries (both of you!) What a lovely bun... I wish I could pull that off!


futurelint said...

I loved all your picks and hers too! I have the spring fever! I love this time of year - everything gets a new found energy!

Elaine said...

How fun!!! I love her etsy shop. She has the cutest things in there. And she's right... these are all great staples for spring!

Enter to win a William Riera dress!

e. said...

Great style! I do not own anything white (too afraid it will get dingy) but I feel like I'm missing out!

Vintage Obsession said...

I like the trench and the embelshmets :) nice!!

Lisa said...

Great idea, trading posts. I love Hillary and your fresh spring styles - easy, simple and classically chic.

molly YEH! said...

ahhh she's so cute. love the hair. love the jacket! and all the colors. ok i love it all.

Breanne said...

I'd never seen her blog before, so thanks for the introduction! Chic is definitely a great word for her, from what I've seen so far.

Heading over to check out your guest post now :-)

Sarah S. Dobbs said...

I love hilary she is too cute! So fun that you guys switched blogs today



the trench is so divine

spoozyliciouzz said...

Cool idea, and her blog is great indeed, as is yours. But you know that already...

whatiwore said...

A blog switch! What a cute idea! You are right, she does have great hair.

Ali said...

Look at your hair, so cute! I really need to wear my hair up more. :)

megan.tme said...

Great guest post, I am following Hillary now too :)

~ megan
transmission me

myedit said...

I'm looking forward to wearing the many dresses I have thrfited and squirrelled away this winter.
I love the updo... so pretty and chic!

An Engineer's Closet said...

White. Why didn't I think of that? Or light colors in general. Great idea!

Shop T.O. Live said...

Wow. Hillary is gorgeous. I really love the outfit in the picture above - it's very chic and classic.


princesspolitico said...

what a fantastic guest post! these are such refreshing spring ideas... i must implement them into my wardrobe :) thanks for the awesome feature.


Emily Kennedy said...

She makes a great point about white. I'm really hesitant to wear it because it washes me out, but it does look so lovely with brown accents.

RETRO REVA said...

I have followed you faithfully on weardrobe since about November! I am so amazed at the way you blend colors and simple pieces and make them fabulous!!!! I too am looking forward to the new bun styles and the way ribbons and all kinds of stuff is mixed in the hair creating an accessory all it's own! I also love the big beads, chains look. It will definitely add a spark to my summer stape plain T's! Thanks for your inspiration!

Evening Shawls said...

Love the scarf. The whole look has a very flower power / summer of love feel to it!

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