Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Winter Is Back

Thank you for all your sweet comments yesterday on my lesson plan! It was such a fun little project. Have any more ideas or suggestions for lesson plan topics? Is there an item of clothing you find difficult to wear, or an event you need style suggestions for? Leave a comment below or shoot me an email. xoxo.

Winter Is Back

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down coat: j crew
olive green scarf: h&m
navy sweater: j crew
white button-up: banana republic
jeans: gap
socks: j crew
boots: ll bean

Brrrr! It snowed all day yesterday and is a toasty 15 degrees this morning. Feeling sapped for inspiration (perhaps I used it all up on my lesson plan??), I dressed for warmth today and added interest only with accessories. A navy wool sweater over a button-up is pretty plainy-janey, even for me, so I added an olive green scarf, some funky socks, and turquoise earrings to give more visual interest.

Winter Is Back

Have I mentioned that I love this coat? The thought of climbing into it is sometimes the only thing that gets me on my bike in the morning.

Lesson plan suggestions or ideas? Leave a comment below--I want your input/inspiration!


Lisa Grace said...

Love those socks! And I think I've said this before, but I really like those boots :)

Muito Igual a VocĂȘ said...

T., I can't say anything. I live in a tropical country. I'll wait till summer to give you some suggestions, hahaha. When it rains in Brazil it gets cold, but it is not that cold, hahaha. You look warm and gorgeous wearing this coat.
Have a nice week!

caffeinerd said...

Love this coat more every time I see it! I really need something warmer than my wool coats for walking to class every day...though it's a little late in the game for me to finally be admitting this to myself haha. The scarf and the socks definitely add visual interest--looks great!

ANA said...

That coat looks awesome, I definitely need to invest in a down coat for next winter. Love the olive scarf!

I definitely need some outfit advice! I have this one sweater that is just driving me nuts!! I tried the belting like everyone suggested, but it was too much fabric, it just puffed out horribly. Any ideas??


The Closet of Kim (ShopKim) said...

Sometimes great accessories are all you need! This outfit being the perfect example. It really steps it up!

Jen said...

i'm in love with your lesson plan! you should definitely do more posts like that, especially how to wear difficult items! that last look you put together was definitely my favorite.
loving your green scarf here btw! it's gorgeous :)

Elaine said...

You're still riding your bike?? You are hardcore!!! ;)

I love olive green against the darker tones of blue and brown. And those socks are so fun!

I should probably email you when I am looking at my closet. That is when I feel the most uninspired!!!! Don't worry... I'll be back!


La Historiadora de Moda said...

I love the funky socks! I have a very similar coat that I bust out on the especially cold and snowy days.

Law Girl said...

Your lesson plan totally inspired me!


And I will be the millionth person to say that I love that coat. It looks so warm but still chic!

Sal said...

Adore the accents - bright earrings, cozy scarf, and those adorable socks!

Wear Necessities said...

I like the socks with this outfit! - Natalya of Wear Necessities

Shop T.O. Live said...

I love that tiny bling of turquoise!

I would like to learn how to belt giant sized tops - like what size belt and how much pull out there should be. (Sometimes I think salespeople just made up 'belting' to sell things that don't fit well).


Shannon said...

I love how the turquoise really pops! While I am a big fan of dressing in all bright colors, sometimes its more fun (and easier on the eye) to dress in toned down colors and simply add one bright item.

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Ooh, love your coat! I just saw the "who what wear" article on how to wear poofy coats and I think you did a perfect job!

Lexie said...

those earrings remind me of a pair my brother got me from the dominican last summer! :D

also i think you look perfectly cozy in those big stompin boots and toasty coat!

piglet said...

Love the colour of your scarf!

Lulu said...

You're just so inspiring! Thank you :)

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