Friday, January 15, 2010

Weekend Style Inspiration

Under the cold sky (HDR), originally uploaded by EugeniusD80.

...and boy do we need it this weekend, given the general sentiment of winter styling blues around the web.

Ohhh, costume sketches from Bright Star.

I need this Walter Benjamin tee shirt. Immediately. Nerd heaven!

Now this is layering. I want to look exactly like these girls.

Another skilled layerer for winter.

Sweet gingham shirts...I can't wait for spring!

How the fashion world is like middle school, from the mouth of Tavi (who else?).

An indie's girl's aspirations--I LOVE this.

Some good stories on winter layering.


Charmalade said...

I really liked the style of the costume sketches, they were simple yet paid attention to detail. oh! and the list of indie girl's aspirations were a lot true and funny. :)

(thanks for looking at my blog)

elizbee said...

love love LOVE all of these links, especially the second to last one :)
By the way, are you by any chance in grad school for library science? For some reason I've kind of picked up that vibe. If you are, that is fantastic! I'm torn between going to grad school for sociology or library science (random, I know). If you aren't, then I'm sorry I just rambled on about that. Have a wonderful weekend!

chaoskontrolowany said...

Love the photo! Amazing <3

Elaine said...

Oooh...great links! I'm definitely all over the layering!

Ernie said...

I'm pretty sure every.time. I see a photo of Tavi I can't help but go "aww."
(Though I'm quite positive that girl is wayyy more clever than me:])

And aghh, that layering link makes me feel so guilty for not being more creative!

E said...

I love those layered looks so much!

jesse.anne.o said...

I love the layered ladies - they remind me of some of the ladies Nylon posted from their street style files and Refiney 29's postings.

And the aspirations were pretty funny. At first I thought she was serious. I laughed a the person who said that sounds like most of her friends in's true.

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