Friday, January 22, 2010

Weekend Style Inspiration + a P.S.

(Can't wait for summer...)

I am going to make a wall like this in my house next year.

I just found the most amazing blog--anthroholic. Color me obsessed.

Elaine's Q&A warms my heart. And check out her gorgeous wedding dress!

An awesome article on why so many models are now posing lying down (and hey, some bloggers do it, too!)

I lurrve this yellow skirt.

Sal's makeup tutorial is all kinds of awesomeness.

Up next week:

I haven't forgotten--posts on How to Accessorize a Winter Coat and How to Wear this Difficult-Colored Skirt (both by reader request).

The return of the Winter Style Project with posts on chunky layers and proportions.

A brief (okay, a little long) answer to a recent question by Melinda who asked about how my work affects the way I dress and whether I found the transition from college to graduate school and teaching difficult:

Yes, I have always dressed somewhat conservatively, initially out of shyness and later because it fits my classroom presence. When I began graduate school, I had an eye for collecting more professional pieces for my wardrobe and moving away from the jeans, tees, and zip-ups of college. For me, part of looking the part of an instructor and rigorous PhD student is about appearing professional (including being adequately covered-up). While I love a lot of looks with lower-cut tops or shorter skirts, I tend to be more comfortable and less self-conscious when my decolletage and my legs are covered. This, of course, is a personal preference, but it does align with general social expectations for how young teachers "should" dress. Come summer you'll probably see me in some tank-tops or shorter skirts, but I am all about less-is-more and I often feel the most beautiful when my style leaves something to the imagination. Still, I love seeing all different types of fashion and part of what makes style so compelling to me is that it offers us a way to wear art, to express ourselves, and to speak through other means--in this vein, I appreciate a wide range of styles and incorporate inspiration from many different places before I make it my own.


Musing Around said...

If you like anthroholic, you might also like Gigi's Gone Shopping:

Shop T.O. Live said...

Thanks so much for talking about this (and answering so promptly)! I think I just haven't found my own balance yet between self expression and professionalism - and it's always interesting to hear how other people adapt to their work environment. I like that you are able to make a conservative outfit fun and quirky with colours and layers.

Elaine said...

That was a great answer!! I really appreciated your honesty. I too like a lot of styles that are more revealing that I'd be comfortable with. They're really for more admiring than emulating to me. But you're right about fashion. It's all about expressing who we are through our outfits.

And thanks for linking my Q&A! :)

Sal said...

Thanks for the shout-out, lady! And big ups to Sonja from Hello Beauty for contributing the post.

Jennifer@womanvfood said...

I find the topic of 'leaving more to the imagination' very interesting. I've been living in South Korea for 3 years now and the culture has a very conservative attitude towards cleavage.

I find now when I watch western shows I am shocked at how revealing clothes in the west are. I find that Korean women have found a way to be sexy and attractive while still leaving things to the imagination and I wish this was appreciated more in the west as I find it respectable, and allows everyone to feel comfortable.

Vinda Sonata said...

hi, interesting post! this kind of post is great, thank you for inspiring me.
thank you for introducing me to anthroholic too. that's one lovely blog!

Jen said...

i love this post, those are some awesome links (i want a wall just like that too one day...and i love that yellow dress. it's stunning). it's great reading about your style and your less-is-more mindset :)

chaoskontrolowany said...

Nice photo ;))

Diya said...

yeah, I have to dress conservatively too (on certain class days at least) since i'm an engineering student...

I've recently started a fashion blog and would LOVE it if you checked it out/exchanged links with me. :)

E said...

Uggh, work definitely effects how I dress and it totally blows. I rarely post my work outfits because of it, but i always admire when people can make work outfits look interesting. I love that wall, too. I love cramming as many paintings/photos as possible onto a wall.

betz said...

great links!!! thanks for sharing! and i agree... summer, where art thou?


vĂȘtements dĂ©ments said...

I think I've said it before but I give you so much credit for looking so stylish and put together in grad school. On the days I wasn't teaching I pretty much lived in tattered jeans and hoodies - so gross when I look back on it. I think I only dressed up for my students (the 2 days a week I saw them) and for the occasional evening out.

thevanishinglake said...

This is a great post - I think your look captures a lovely casual elegence, which is perfect for working within a university. (I too was a tatty-jeans grad student so I'm completely in awe.)

All these swooning models are a bit disturbing, no?

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