Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Seattle Uniform

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Seattle Uniform

Works Cited
sweater: urban outfitters
top: forever 21
jeans: j crew outlet
boots: target
earrings: bought on las ramblas in barcelona
coat (see below): j crew on amazing sale

When I was in Seattle last week dressed like my usual librarian self, it was easier to notice the style of a city of which I wasn't a resident. All of my sweet college friends had the same casual "uniform": drapey top, drapey sweater, big earrings, and jeans tucked into boots. Given the general lack of drape/slouch in my closet, I felt a little too stiff sometimes in my cold weather wool and tights. I knew that I wanted to recreate the Seattle uniform when I got home--it's so comfortable, eminently flattering, and mostly cold-weather proof if your big slouchy sweater is warm, as well.

Seattle Uniform

I loved coming back to my backyard full of snow--so I had to tease my sweet photographer just a little (of course, I was the one who ended up with icy bare hands).

On an unrelated note, I bought these earrings while I was abroad in 2006--I was visiting Barcelona with a friend from Ireland and, like any other tourist, spent hours roaming Las Ramblas and all the little shops and stalls selling vintage and handmade jewelry until I got hungry and scarfed falafel (with all-you-can-fit-in-them condiments) sold on the street.

Seattle Uniform

Here is my coat, in all its gigantic-ness. I got this on sale at J. Crew for about $100 and it was the best hundred dollars I ever spent. I am perpetually cold, and this feels like wearing a giant, incredibly warm sleeping bag, with a chic waist-tie, of course. It has basically changed my whole experience of winter (more on winter coats soon, with the return of my Winter Style Project).

My giveaway ends at 8 p.m. tonight! Enter for your chance to win--it's easy!


La Historiadora de Moda said...

The Seattle uniform looks darling on you! Welcome back to the cold and snowy Midwest, hon!

Sal said...

Wow, a puffer coat with a waist tie? What could be better?!?

ANA said...

Awesome find with that coat! Totally jealous :o)

orchidsinbuttonholes said...

I love the detailing on that blouse, and the proportions are wonderful throughout the outfit. Very envious of the waist-tie on your coat - I wish mine had one to keep the wind out!

piglet said...

I'm not much of a drapey dresser, but I am getting tempted to try it.
Love the look you put together!

caffeinerd said...

Aww I miss Las Ramblas. I only studied in Barcelona for 2.5 weeks, but definitely fell in love with the city. And its falafel.

Jealous of your poofy but chic coat! That's an item that's still on my wish list...

Muito Igual a Você said...

Hi Tania! It's good to know that you found the coat. It really seems to be what you said: a chic sleeping bag, haha! There's nothing like being warm in cold days! (very rare where I live)

And talking about finding things, I finally found a shop near my job where they sell small belts, very gorgeous ones. There are some that are specifically made for dresses with a lovely lace in leather on them. They're smaller than the other, fitting perfectly on your body. There I bought one to wear matching with my new comfortable heels on New Year's Eve party. You cannot imagine how difficult was to find them, but they were just around the corner, haha. And I found wool coats there too, so nice that if I had a fashion blog I would post about them. u.u

Thanks for always stop by my blog!

Linda, você é uma graça! (in Portuguese, haha!)

Beijo :*

E said...

I love having pieces from my travels - they bring back such fond memories :-)

Wendy said...

The second photo of you throwing the snowball is so cute!

A-C said...

Barcelona! I'm really glad you liked it. I love wandering around la ciudad gotica and las ramblas and just seeing what I find. Such a wonderful city!

bookwaif said...

Thanks for following me over to my other blog yesterday :o)

I like this idea of a city "uniform". And that sweater looks great. Love the colour!

Oooh. And one more London recommendation: - not only for the books (obv.) but also for the café, which has the best almond croissants in the history of pastry.

SunnyYellow said...

I love the look of that coat! I would love to see how you accesorize it, hats, scarves? how does it look belted?

daisychain said...

cute outfit :)

Kelly Muys Wood said...

love this outfit for some reason. the sweater is perfect.


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