Saturday, December 12, 2009

Winter Style Project--Part 2

Winter Style Project Part 2

Winter Style Project Part 2

Works Cited:
yellow sweater: gift (j. crew)
green tee: stolen from friend in college (without a tag)
jeans: j crew outlet
brogues (not oxfords!): steve madden
necklace: macy's in college
earrings: gift from C.

pink tee: j. crew outlet
scarf: streets of SF
jeans: gap
hat: j. crew
boots: j. crew

Welcome to Part 2 of the Winter Style Project: playing with color. Wearing beautiful color combinations is an easy way to give a simple winter outfit (tee, sweater, jeans) more visual interest. Even if you are piling on the layers, a pop of color or interesting combinations will give even a simple silhouette more personality.

On Saturday, I paired a mustard yellow sweater in a super-warm cashmere with a moss green tee. I happen to love mustard yellow (do I sound like a broken record?)--it is bright without being noxious and it goes beautifully with a wide range of neutrals. Green and yellow are, of course, adjacent colors (like blue and purple, or red and orange), and especially in more muted hues, I think they go wonderfully together. I also love the way yellow pops against the typical winter color palette of dark brown, gray, and black. A big necklace finished off the look.

On Sunday, I worked with a range of pink colors. Pink is not a color I typically wear, but against a marigold and a coral, it looks more grown-up and thoughtful. This hat also brings cheer to a lot of my winter clothes, given that it's sometimes the only thing poking out into the cold from my giant coat (pictures forthcoming this week).

Have you been wearing brighter colors this winter, too? Or do you prefer to stick to dark colors when the weather is crummy? Speaking of crummy: anyone else heading into (or in the middle of) finals this week? I'm nearly finished with my doctoral coursework, so this is my penultimate finals week (at least, as a student)--yay!


Chelsea said...

love your use of fun colors in your winter style! I also love mustard yellow, but yet to have incorporated any into my wardrobe. i love how it looks against the mossy green! and the pinks and marigold combo is delightful. thanks for the ideas :)

caffeinerd said...

I love mustard yellow :) I'd say I try to play with color to keep my mood up on dreary days, but I would also admit that I'm sure more of my greys/blacks get worn during winter than any other time.

Good luck with finals week! I have one final this week and then 8 more weeks of class in Spring before more finals and being done with all my coursework. Starting to feel like the end really is near...

Elaine said...

I LOOOOVE the first! The yellow and green go so well together. And you look so cozy and cute in the bottom! I say you did really well for your second winter project working with colors! :)

Good luck with your finals week!! I can't wait for it to be over... :)

Viktoria with a K said...

I love the mustard yellow! It's a nice color without being too bright for winter. I would have never thought to pair it with moss green, but it looks good!

Good luck with finals... I get to give state finals this week.. That might not sound stressful to you, but it shows me how much my students learned (or didn't learn).

Lisa said...

You look great! I love the fact that you're doing a winter style project. I'm struggling with winter dressing too, and I've given myself an "accessory challenge" for this week to try and broaden my horizons. I can't wait to see what else you come up with!

piglet said...

Gorgeous warm colours! They look so snuggly.

Emily Kennedy said...

Oh yes, I go with molto colors in the winter. How else could we keep our spirits up when the weather gets so dreary?
I have spent the whole day working on a research paper. It's due at 4 am tomorrow morning, so I must get it out of my hands before I go to bed. May the writing gods grace my process!

nc2220 said...

Ooh, how I wish I had more (or any?) mustard in my closet! You look cheery and bright in both pictures. I find faking it with color does add a bit of warmth to my day even with below freezing temps!

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

oh, good luck with work, all! (viktoria especially--that sounds nerve-wracking!).

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I'm loving your color combos here! I do tend to go for more colors or atleast a pop of something bright when it's particularly grim outside.

Thanks for letting me guest lecture, T.! xoxo

Sal said...

That necklace is SUCH a perfect touch for the first outfit.

Audi said...

That mustard/green combo is just wonderful -- perfect for adding a little color to a winter outfit. I find myself wearing a lot of black and neutrals lately, so it's good to see some color inspiration.

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