Friday, December 4, 2009

Winter Blues

Winter Blues

Winter Blues

Works Cited
dress: anthropologie
navy turtleneck: j. crew
tights: hue
boots: j. crew
earrings: gift

Brrr! Winter is upon us. This morning, it's 18 degrees--so these pictures were taken in a hurry! I bought this dress last spring thinking it could transition well into fall and winter style, but I've had some trouble navigating the ruffles and layering sweaters over it. I also find it strange to belt a dress with a clear empire waist. I'm eager to know what you all would do about this--style a sweater over it without a belt (even if you risk looking a bit wider than usual), or layer things under it? I do really like the way this turned out, and a turtleneck is my go-to winter layer because it's light and warm. I mixed a few colors in the same color family--black, blue-gray, blue, and navy--and let my turquoise earrings brighten things up.

As a side note, just because I haven't been posing with my bicycle doesn't mean I'm not riding it. I still hop on it every day! While my legs stay warm even in tights, my hands get cold quickly so C. and I are going to buy better mittens on the way home from campus this afternoon. I'm excited by the thought that I don't have to retire my bicycle in the winter just because it gets cold (but don't worry, Mom, I won't ride it on icy days) and I keep telling myself that if I can wait for the bus for fifteen minutes in the cold, I can certainly zip along on my bicycle for that much time (about as long as it takes me to get to campus in the winter).

What are your tricks for staying warm in the winter months? I am genuinely curious because being a west coaster at heart, I have far fewer tricks up my sleeve than people who have been living in climates with four distinct seasons!


La Historiadora de Moda said...

You look gorgeous in blue! I'm a Texas transplant to the Midwest, so I'm not the biggest fan of the cold weather, but layering under things and over things works for me. Sometimes in the coldest months you'll catch me wearing two pairs of tights and a sweaters both under and on top of dresses.

Elaine said...

This looks really great on you! I actually like the turtleneck with the dress over it. I agree that empire waists shouldn't have belts! It looks off..but there was a girl that The Sartorialist shot and she was wearing a night dress with a belt. But people like her can pull it off.

kendal croix said...

that dress is wonderful and i just love all the layering.

betz said...

lovely blog. i love your style. following you!

caffeinerd said...

This dress is gorgeous (and fueling my anthropologie lust!). I'm really just all about layers (tank top, t-shirt, cardigan, coat) and gloves. My hands are the first thing to make a cold day torture if they're not properly covered ha.

A-C said...

I agree with everyone above, layering works magic. As do really good opaque tights and knee high boots. The combination lets you get away with wearing dresses and skirts into the winter.

Moni said...

I love this look, though I have to disagree about belting an empire waist dress. I do it all the time. I belt it pretty high, almost under the bust line, and it looks great. I've seen plenty of dresses sold that way.

As a transplant from a semi-tropical climate, it took me several years to get used to Michigan winters. This year is the first that I've actually worn skirts and dresses, and so far layering 2 pairs of tights has worked beautifully. Also, keeping my head warm is key. Even a simple pair of earmuffs can make a HUGE difference.

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

moni--this is a great idea, and i actually tried to belt this look around the empire, but my belt kept slipping down (my waist is quite a bit narrower than my ribcage so i have trouble keeping a belt up there). maybe i could pin it?
thanks for the suggestions, all! i am definitely going to double up on tights soon.

overcaffeinated said...

I love this dress! I really like how you styled it with the turtleneck underneath. I would also try throwing a cardigan over it. I think a deep scoopneck long-sleeve tee would look great too.

I have a similar black dress with a waist like that, and I thought it looked really cute belted under a cardiwrap sweater. The cardi covered up the waistline so you could just see the ruffles peaking out the top, and not the empire waist.

princesspolitico said...

double up on scarves! ... some people feel like wearing one scarf will be enough to protect you from the wind but i'm always so cold. plus combining patterns and textures always adds complexity to an outfit.

beautiful dress by the way!


Julie said...

earrings are the perfect pop.

Fell 4 Fashion said...

I am in LOVE with this dress!!!!!!! Like, really, I so want it!!

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