Friday, December 18, 2009

Weekend Style Inspiration

Sal's no-lump layering guide just might change your life.

I simply love this woman's style and her big bright smile (from the sartorialist).

I heart this woman and her gorgeous house.

Julie is too adorable (and writes the funniest posts), especially here with her sweet glasses.

What an awesome bow-belt.

I love Kyla's big fur hat (looks so warm!).

Just discovered this blog and lovelovelove this girl's style.

Awesome shoes, awesome stripes.

I unexpectedly love her high-waisted, pleated silk pants paired with a simple white tee. Beautiful!

I just finished all my papers and grading this afternoon--whew!! For those of you still in school/grad school, are you finished, too?? Hope you have a terrific weekend. Next time I post, it'll be from California at my parents' house (yay!).

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Elaine said...

Great links!!

Whoo for being done!! Doesn't it feel great?? I just finished today too! :D

Julie said...

Um. Thank you for linking me! I am flattered. Really. Really really.

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