Friday, December 11, 2009

Weekend Style Inspiration

This weekend, all I want to wear is something that will keep me warm (don't you?). Here are some places I've been inspired recently:

Shade's style guide--especially the way they layer sweaters, skirts, and tights. Mmmm.

The original duck boot, and Elaine's beautiful pictures of how to look good in duck boots (although she'd look good in just about anything).

Real girls in winter? They look terrific, but I think I'd need another layer or two...

Sally's awesome post on chic winter coats (I want!).

This girl's pink coat looks warm and flattering. (From here.)

I am pretty much obsessed with this outfit. Striped top, yellow skirt, and bold tights? Must recreate soon!

And if you can't bring yourself to put on high-heeled boots and strut around in the snow, nothing looks cozier than these slippers and a cup of homemade hot chocolate.

Have a terrific weekend and see you Monday for more of my Winter Style Project.


caffeinerd said...

Ooh lovin' the Glamour feature! Just seeing real-girl cold-weather style on campus is always fun (and leads to coat envy, of course).

Elaine said...

Woo!! Thanks for linking me! These were great links. I definitely need more winter inspiration!

Viktoria with a K said...

J. Crew really changes the way I look at the duck boots sitting in my closet! Most people make fun of them, but maybe I can make them look good!

Filigree said...

Beautiful landscape; very inspiring for wearing beautiful things.

My first job after grad school was in a university in Northern NH - beautiful but beyond freezing. My mother got me an ankle-length down coat by Marc Jacobs that tapers flatteringly at the waist, with a fur lined hood. It is the most beautiful down coat I have ever seen and the warmest I have experienced; I wore it for years. But tragedy struck last winter: I got my sleeve caught in the hinge of a door and ripped a hole in it. I've been trying to design some sort of non-bleh way to patch it up, or perhaps put a decal over it to make it look intentional. The perfect coat is so important.

Thanks for your guide with the links to all the great websites!

chaoskontrolowany said...

Lovely pic!

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