Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weekend in Review

This weekend, the temperatures finally ventured into the teens--brrr!--and I have to admit, it wasn't the most stylish weekend I've ever had. I spent Saturday grading papers in yoga pants and my grandma sweater. Sunday I zipped around on my bicycle in this ensemble (don't worry, Mom, I also wore my helmet):

Weekend Style

and underneath the layers:

Weekend Style
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coat: marmot mountain works (REI)
pink hat: j. crew
white tee: hanes
black sweater: banana republic
jeans: sevens
sneakers: tiger

Snazzy, huh? Because I'm from California originally, a down coat is pretty much the only thing between me and a one-way ticket back to the west coast. I also have a long wool coat, which I alternate with this one during the really cold months--that coat is just as warm and has the benefit of making me look more like an adult and less like a ski bum.

I also purchased a balaclava this weekend, a garment which makes me look like a cross between a ninja and an amateur bank robber, but makes me feel like I am curled up next to a warm fire even when I am biking into icy 15 degree wind. I also got these down mittens, which are waterproof, windproof, and lined with fleece and thinsulate. They will surely come in handy the day I decide to climb Mt. Everest, but in the meantime, I'll use them to keep my fingers toasty while I ride my bicycle in the midwest.

Which brings me to an important thought: I find it much more different to feel chic and warm at the same time. My fashion sense tends to accelerate downward at approximately the speed of the mercury, and by the time it is zero, I want to wear seven pairs of sweatpants, three sweaters, and two hats, like a grotesque, long-haired Michelin man. Even though I find it a challenge to dress both warm and stylishly, I'm hoping this blog will help inspire me to make my wardrobe stay chic this winter, despite ludicrously cold temperatures.

(P.S. Thank you all for wonderful advice on how to layer this dress. You've given me so many good ideas, I think I'll have to wear it again soon. xoxo.)


walrus1979 said...

You are too funny! I am from CA too, and I've been living in Chicago for two years now. I hate feeling all bulky like a big cow under all those layers in winter. And then you step into a store or someplace with heat and you feel like you're gong to burst into flames. Sigh...

betz said...

LOL. when the temperature goes downhill, it's really hard to be stylish and warm at the same time. for me, i'd rather look like a ski bum and bundle myself up with huge (and heavy) down coat plus the furry ushanka hat than try to be classy and get all my veins constricted. =)

Rick Hecht said...

I'm very glad to hear you are wearing your helmut when biking- even it is not completely stylish! Hope you don't get too cold and keep up a proper Michlein man wardrobe- you can console yourself with the thought that we're suffering with a frost alert in California and yo umight need a down jacket here.

E said...

"a garment which makes me look like a cross between a ninja and an amateur bank robber" - hahahaha! This is totally the way I think about my clothes!!!

Dottie said...

You look pretty stylish for biking in freezing weather to me! Dressing nicely for the cold is definitely harder than warm weather. I try to stick with interesting layers - like my two layers of tights and knee socks today just so I could wear a mini dress on my bike :)

jesse.anne.o said...

Winter dressing is so difficult - I never understand why people relish the season for clothing. I understand the varied textures but unless you're going from your car to your house...whatevs. Challenging.

My goal this year is to find a cute vegan winter coat that's not $500. I can get nice. I can get functional. Cute, however, is elusive.

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