Saturday, December 19, 2009

Roommate Birthday (and finally! the tees!)

Cute Roommate

This is my sweet roommate during her birthday party last night, sporting the embellished tee I snatched up for her on sale in November. I'm shocked we both had the patience to wait till her birthday--I am notoriously bad at keeping happy secrets and not giving presents waaaay earlier than the birthdays and holidays for which I got them.

Isn't she gorgeous? Incidentally, she's also one of the sweetest and funniest people I know, and she graciously puts up with my annoying housemate habits (like leaving all the lights on and not taking out the trash often enough).

Love you, C.! Happy birthday!

P.S. Things will be a little quieter on the blog-front through the holidays, as I'm sure you're expecting. Hope you all have wonderful, restful breaks and have some great books you're looking forward to curling up with. xoxo.


Dottie said...

That really is a fab tee. Happy birthday to her!

Elaine said...

Great find! And she is gorgeous! :) HOpe you guys had a great time at the bday party!! Merry Christmas!!!! :) My blog is definitely taking a vaca for a few more days... hehe :)

Emily Kennedy said...

Yay! Happy birthday to C.!

Ah, end of semester: so excellent. Breaks are good for the soul.

Sidewalk Chalk said...

What a sweet roommate you are! That tee is fabulous.
Hope you have a great holiday break! - JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

overcaffeinated said...

That tee is so cute! It sounds like you have a really sweet roommate. Happy birthday to her, and hope you have a wonderful holiday break!

chic said...

Happy Birthday to your gorgeous roomie! S. said...

very cute tee !:P
oh so true; so many books i want to curl up with; currently time travellors wife, dear john and unwind haha. : )

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