Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Plain Jane

Plain Jane

Plain Jane

Works Cited:

jeans: joe's jeans (from several years back)

white tee: j crew

sweater: thrifted (org. banana republic)

belt: hand-me-down from mom

flats: urban outfitters

earrings: claire's (yes, i admit, i love it)

clutch: forever 21

The other day, my boyfriend confessed he missed some of my simpler looks from when we met (white tees and jeans), so I wanted to recreate a little of the plain jane he fell in love with. I love the combination of white and off-white with the sweater and shirt, and there is nothing better than a perfect-fitting pair of jeans.

I have some trouble finding jeans that fit well because I have a much narrower waist than hips, so pants tend to gap at the waist and feel too snug at the hips. When I discovered Joe's Jeans--these are the Muse fit--I swore they were made for me. And most importantly, these jeans make your butt look FABULOUS (which is, of course, the most important part of jeans' fit). I almost can't believe I'm posting a picture of this, but it seems unfair to keep their butt-enhancing properties a secret. Check it out:

Plain Jane

Do you have jeans issues? And is the butt the first thing you make sure is lookin' good when you try a pair on (or am I alone on this...)?


Elena said...

Love the belt and flats (and the jeans, of course!). Yep, butt is definitely one of the main things I check...especially because sometimes, due to strange pockets or fit, that's what makes me decide not to purchase a pair.

P.S. I suspect my boyfriend feels the same way. I try to bear this in mind and throw on tees and jeans every now and then, especially when we're just loungin'.

(And, sorry, it is refusing to verify my "OpenID" credentials, so this is Elena from "caffeinerd")

Lisa said...

Cute look! My fiance always likes it when I wear plainer outfits too, it must be a guy thing.
I have the same waist/butt problem. I do care about my butt looking good in jeans, but since I'm so short my number one priority is usually whether they're the right length.

tanvi @ now craving said...

Those flats are fab!!! PS, I have been eyeing those Steve Madden oxfords forever- what do you think, are they worth the buy in terms of comfort and quality level?

Dottie said...

LOL. I should try Joe's (I'm sure I can find some at one of the resale shops around town) because I have the same gaping waste problem. I think bum fit is the second thing I check. The first is the hip/thigh area because I can look absolutely awful in that area with the wrong pair of jeans.

myedit said...

Simple and chic.
It's sweet that you dressed classically for your bf.
I did my hair the other night and Matt says to me that I wore my hair like that when we first started dating. Side braids and sleek, straightened hair are nice but I think he still loves the mess knots of the 'younger years'. Kinda cute...

Alisha said...

Oh yes, I have jeans issues. My hips are very wide, but my waist is tiny, so I have the same problem you do with the gap at the back. Whenever I find a pair of jeans that fits well, I usually buy a few at a time.

Some jeans that have worked well for me are the curvy cut by levis...they actually have a higher waistband in the back to avoid the
back gap.

I love the creamy color palate by the way.

Alisha said...

oops I mispelled "palette". My biologist's brain is in overdrive today, lol.

Filigree said...

I love the look of cream on white. Of course if this was me, I would have something red or brown spilled on this lovely cardigan in no time!

Have you tried asymmetrically buttoning your cardigans? It works really well to add texture and some "did she do that on purpose?"intrigue to a classic and monochromatic outfit.

Jen said...

ahh i love your blog :) that belt looks great with your cardigan and those jeans look fabulous on you. great fit!

laura fay said...

Cute belt and clutch :)

Muito Igual a VocĂȘ said...

Ohh, I'm so looking for belts like yours... BY the way, this look is great! NO wonder your C. felt in love with you ;-) And the jeans...I have a seiousproblems. First timeI try them, they're perfect. After buying them, they get loose and I get that children's butt look, like I'm wearing diapers... Gosh! It's so awful. But recently I bought a perfect one. I very nice. I'll keep trying, jeans are fabulous no matter how. Bkisses ;*

Green Vases said...

nice earrings! i love it too!

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