Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holiday Weekend in Review

Holiday Weekend in Review

Holiday Weekend in Review

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mint cords: j crew
navy tank: j crew
bluegray tee: target
scarf: bought on the street
sneaks: tigers
white tee: gap
sweater: urban
flats: steve madden

Remember these cords I was coveting (and actually, for weeks before I posted)? I found them on saaaaaaaaaaale! For 60% off! It was a Christmas miracle. I happen to love corduroy--the ultimate in nerd wear--even though I lot of people don't. I can't explain why I love this mint green (okay, J. Crew, eucalyptus) color, which is outside the bounds of a lot of the neutrals I like to wear and definitely goes against my dark-colored bottoms rule. But I love these pants.

In sum: yes, I did wear them all weekend long (I don't dare show you the worn-out college tee and fleece I wore them with all day Thursday while I wrapped presents). I wore them on Christmas; I wore them to a Christmas party; I wore them while I took my sister to exchange gifts that didn't fit. I would've worn them today, too, but I wanted also to show off some of the great stuff I got under the tree (post forthcoming).

I love these cords so much I couldn't give a hoot if nobody else on earth likes them; I'd keep wearing them. Man, I wish I felt that way about everything in my closet.


A-C said...

Good job on finding them on sale!

chicfaced said...

love them rolled in that 1st photo with the blue scarf - also love how you tied the scarf. and congrats on finding them so cheap! sometimes it pays to have fashion patience.

La Historiadora de Moda said...

Yay! You are rocking these cords! I'm guessing that's what you find for $29...?

I noticed that you moved FA up to primary sources, and I am honored, T!

Emily Kennedy said...

They look excellent on you! And you got them on SALE? It was meant to be! Ain't no shame the way you do your game. They look really great.

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