Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Glamorous Grad Student

Sweet readers,
I'm guest posting this morning at the glamorous grad student on how to wear a dress, ride a bicycle, and carry a semester's worth of books (all at once). This is a serious skill that I've honed over the years, so go check it out!
And if you're not reading the glamorous grad student, prepare to be schooled because she is FABULOUS. Some of my favorite posts of hers:

Taming your wardrobe.

Five false economies of the fashionista.

Audrey Hepburn style inspiration.

And of course her fabulous city chic series.

Go forth and read!

P.S. Outfit post forthcoming this afternoon.


overcaffeinated said...

Loved the guest post on the glamorous grad student. You make me wish that I had a pretty vintage cruiser bike instead of a moutain bike. Somehow the mountain bike just ruins the vibe. :)

Muito Igual a VocĂȘ said...

So nice you help people like this ;) Iloved the post. Good luck, Glamourous-Nerd-biki-riding-bookworm-grad-student, hahaha :)

xoxox, L.

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