Monday, December 7, 2009

All Buttoned Up

All Buttoned Up

All Buttoned Up

Works Cited
white button-up: forever 21
green sweater (as vest): gap outlet
pin: thrifted
jeans: gap
boots: j. crew

Although the semester is coming to an end, this morning is nerd style 101. A smart sweater vest layered over a crisp white button-up and boots. This sweater is my first attempt at closet recovery (you know, digging out those garments you never wear but also can't get rid of). It's actually a sweater tee shirt, which is a little too surburban for my taste, so I layered it over another shirt as if it were a vest (less surburban and far more nerdy). I tucked skinny jeans into boots to keep the look young (in other words, I might not wear this with dress pants).

And then I added this magic pin which goes with everything. It was the perfect last touch, making this outfit a little more exciting.

Pin Close Up


La Historiadora de Moda said...

That's a lovely pin! Thanks for guest lecturing for us over at Fashionable Academics today!

chic said...

Haha, I loved that you called it suburban and I totally agree. But worn this way, it's totally un-suburban and lovely, especially with the flower pin.

Again, I know we've already covered this territory, but the pin is one more thing that we both own in almost the same version and I thrifted mine as well:


Elaine said...

This looks fabulous! I love that you paired the white buttondown with the green shirt! It looks pretty comfy too!

Julia said...

Fellow academian, I heartily enjoy this look! Just stumbled here via myedit & I like your school-chic style. I will read on! Also, you have beautiful hair & a rad bicycle.


Sidewalk Chalk said...

I love the green sweater and those boots -- a chic outfit! I'm a former academian, about to become a master's student, so I can relate to the school nerdiness. Great blog :) - JoAnn

Dottie said...

I'm happy to see the bike again :) Those J Crew boots look perfect. Are they pretty warm? I'm having the hardest time finding insulated warm boots that are also stylish.

Fell 4 Fashion said...

Love the white collared shirt under the sweater! Pretty broach too!

Fell 4 Fashion said...

Oh, and I added you to my blogroll :)

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