Sunday, November 1, 2009


Works Cited

sweater: gift from roommate (equally nerdy, but much more stylish)
tank: forever 21
jeans: seven for all mankind
shoes: dansko clogs (okay, nurses wear them, but they are incredibly comfortable)
earrings: forever 21

It's fitting to start this blog with a gray sweater. I wear gray so often that my penchant for the color has become a family joke. Gray has the undeserved reputation for being a boring color when really it is one of the most beautiful colors. A combination of white (every color) and black (the absence of color), gray is a paradox because it combines contradictory features to produce an often beautiful conclusion. Its theoretical savvy aside, gray also goes with everything, and you can't beat that.


GeekGirl said...

I've never thought of gray that way... interesting way to think of it!

Mounia said...

me neither!
I've always loved gray... you've just worded it perfectly!

jackiewd said...

Surgeons wear danskos too!

juliamarisa said...

that's the most philosophical reading of a color i've ever heard. and i liked it. you really are a nerd. just like me.

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