Friday, November 13, 2009

Weekend Style Inspiration


Don't you think this nylon spandex stretch floral lace unitard would just go with anything in your closet? Me, too.

Nerd-fest 2009! Land's End is now producing a high-end, chic line called Canvas. Seriously? I wasn't sure, but I saw these pictures of styled mannequins and it looks pretty good. I especially love the checkered shirt under the cardigan.

Check out these pretty book covers (Oh, and isn't her blog sweet?). I have this edition of Jane Eyre, and it's gorgeous.

I loved Dottie's post on bikes as yoga. It was the perfect antidote to a long and chilly ride.

Ohhh, the December J. Crew catalogue is out. I can't afford a thing, but I love what they do with color--it gives me good ideas for how to mix the (much cheaper) things I already have.

I didn't think there was such thing as a pretty backpack until now. How do you carry your things?

I wish my closet looked like this.

Coming next week: how to wear your forced company/dorm/sorority/college/group organization tee shirt and not look (well, not entirely) nerdy.


Kelley said...

Interesting, but the "Canvas" line doesn't look all that different from the rest of Land's End to me. Like they didn't push themselves very far away from solid-color polos and cardigans.

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