Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekend in Review

Boyfriend's Plaid

Saturday Works Cited:

plaid shirt: boyfriend's
sweater: urban outfitters
belt: mom's
jeans: gap
sneakers: converse
earrings: urban

Weekend Stripes

Sunday Works Cited:
striped shirt: old navy
gray tank: old navy
gray scarf: the pashmina store
jeans: j crew
flats: yellow box

It was a quiet weekend on the homefront, because my roommate and two best friends were out of town (at Notre Dame and conferences, respectively). Although I did manage to fit in some fun, I tried to get a lot of work done, too, so my clothes had to be comfortable and no-fuss. The top look was inspired by this girl's (second on the page), who borrowed her fiance's plaid shirt and belted it. I'd like to say this was the result of sartorial genius, but it was more a reflection of my laundry situation here and my boyfriend's closet full of clean clothes.

It's been weirdly warm in the midwest, so I've enjoyed a few more weeks of coatlessness and bare ankles. The bottom outfit is two of my favorite things--stripes and navy with black. Though a lot of people don't wear navy and black together (or do it badly), I think it is a beautiful color combination, especially with the light gray to break it up. I hope you like this scarf, because it may as well be sewed onto my neck in January. Coming from the west coast, I quickly learned that a warm scarf may be the most important winter garment, and this one--100% cashmere and triple thick--does the trick every time.

Tonight when I ride my bicycle the five miles to our W.B. Yeats reading group, I'll have to add a jacket or hat, but for the day (sunny and unseasonably warm), this is just right.


Megan said...

I love the plaid shirt/ belted cardi/ cropped pants combo! It all works together so well!

Kelley said...

I agree: navy, black and gray are a beautiful combo. I love your creamy scarf.

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