Saturday, November 21, 2009

Traveling Style

Traveling Style

Traveling Style
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olive scarf: h&m
black and white coat: forever 21
navy cardigan: j crew outlet
yellow tee: j crew
jeans: j crew outlet
flats: palladium

This afternoon, the boyfriend and I are off to California to visit my parents for Thanksgiving. It's always a quandary to figure out what to wear on the plane. As much as it sounds divine to wear pajamas on the plane, I tend to feel better during a long day of travel if I take the time to look presentable and put-together. I am SO excited to go back out west--expect posts all week of my travel wardrobe and adventures back in California.

Today I'm mixing mustard yellow and olive green--another favorite color combo--with a cozy scarf for cold planes, and tan flats for comfortable walking through the city and airport. What do you like to wear to travel? Do you tend toward the comfortable--yoga pants? fleece?--or do you like to look extra stylish--wool coat, heels?


Emily said...

Cute! I attempt to look stylish and still be comfortable when I travel - and also practical. Running across an airport in heels is SO not fun, so flats are a must!

eek said...

You look great! I am a big fan of traveling in comfort but style - jeans, layers, easy shoes to slip on and a scarf, of course! Have fun in Cali!

chic said...

Happy travels! I love the color of that scarf!

I also like to look put together when traveling. One of the things I LOVE about airports is the people watching, and I'm glad when people really dress representative of their style, I would get really bored with a scene that looked like one big slumber party ;)

A pashmina is key! I use it as a blanket on the flights.

Enjoy your week in Cali! S.

Healthy and Homemade said...

YAY CALI!! You're gonna love the weather we're having =) (well, depending on where you are that is . . . because I bet it's freezing in Nor Cal, but not here!)

I like to be comfy while traveling. I really like what you're wearing, I definitely think I'm kick it up a notch traveling in Fall & Winter. During any other season, definitely jeans, flip flops (or flats) and layers on top!

MamaVee said...

Nice outfit!

I've been lucky that the past few airplane rides have taken me from Wintery New England to somewhere warm. I always wear a mini dress with wool leggings and slip on shoes. At my layover or on the last leg of the flight to the warmest place, I slip off the leggings and am cool and fresh for the tropics. I wear the same outfit on the way home and in reverse add the leggings. That's my travel trick. And I love a big scarf.

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

I love all these ideas--especially yours, MamaVee, about leggings under a dress. I am often traveling from warm to cold, so being able to layer and unlayer is crucial.

And I'm with you, S. I love people watching in airports--it gives me lots of good ideas!

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I do occasionally slum it when I'm flying overseas. Usually, though, I wear more or less what I normally do. If I know that I might be rushed for a connection I'll wear flats, but usually I'll wear boots. It frees up more room in my luggage. :)

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

uuhh, very travel chic!! I love it! I actually prefer wearing something stylish to travel... I always like looking my best, its part of making the day count... I do make sure I always include a coat or something since airplanes can be rather chilly...

The Owl's Closet said...

i love this outfit! the colors are great:) i'm especially loving the olive scarf. alright, california! lol we've been having pretty awesome weather lately:)

like u, comfort is a must when i travel. i must admit, i have worn the occasional yoga pants with some comfy shoes lol it was a looong flight!:) hope u had a good trip!

Orchid Grey said...

beautiful outfit, I love the mix of colors!

disa said...


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