Monday, November 2, 2009

This Is My Bicycle

Loving Fall Layers

Loving Fall Layers

Works Cited

dress: target
gray tank: old navy
brown tights: who knows
gray socks: target
brown boots: indigo
earrings: made by a friend
bicycle: built by boyfriend

The weather was beautiful today and even though I should have taken advantage of the unseasonable late fall warmth, this new sweater dress was crying out to be worn. I've included an extra photo of the ruffle detail, which makes the dress so pretty. I love purple and think, perhaps wrongly, that it goes with everything--brown, gray, black, mustard yellow, white, pink. It definitely goes with my bicycle, built by my sweet and handsome boyfriend from a discarded frame. It's a Triumph, a vintage English three-speed, and I love riding it around town. I try to drive as little as possible, especially because it is pretty much completely flat where I live and I feel more energetic and cheerful (oh, and smugly environmentally-friendly) when I ride around.


You Are My Fave said...

I saw that dress at Target and now I'm convinced I need to go buy it. I love your sock/boot combo too.

Alli said...

LOVE that you call it Words Cited. (Provenance: saw your comment on "You are my fave," came over b/c of the awesome blog title.)

chic said...

wonderful example of velocouture! S.

Josh said...

Totally love the bicycle! I saw your blog while reading through sartorialist comments. Its a nice blog! Namaste, Josh

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