Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving and a 17-Mile Bike Ride

Works Cited
on me:
gray tee: borrowed from brudder (target)
ivory sweater: thrifted (org. banana republic)
brown skirt: old navy
belt: old navy
tights: hue
flats: target
flower: anthropologie

on brudder:
striped dress: h&m
navy tights: borrowed from mom
gold flats: steve madden

bossing my brudder around: genetically-gifted

Now you can see where I get my fashion inspiration--my brudder (sister) is adventurous, colorful, and has mile-long legs--but that doesn't stop me from bossing her around (and is why I love this photo). These were our Thanksgiving dinner outfits: I wore the same brown skirt I've been sporting all week, and the same flats, but mixed it up with tights and this awesome flower in my hair (found at anthropologie and affixed with both barrette and safety pin so you can put it in your hair or on your coat). I love the combination of stripes, the navy tights, and the gold shoes on brudder--the outfit is dressed up, but still comfortable (i.e. perfect for packing in extra helpings of pumpkin pie).

We can afford the extra pie, too, because our annual Thanksgiving walk involved a 17-mile roundtrip bike ride to Marin county, where we then hiked for several miles. We got to bicycle across golden gate bridge, which was an amazing ride. I had to post this gorgeous photo of C. and I at the end of the bridge after our ride, despite my fashion-don't apparel and sweaty hair.


And my sweet family up in the hills in Marin during our walk:


I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend--and thank you for being such sweet readers...I feel mightily welcomed into blog-world. xoxo.


La Historiadora de Moda said...

I adore that flower and the bossing around of younger siblings! :) The bike ride and hike and pie sound like a wonderful way to spend the holiday!

caffeinerd said...

I'm especially lovin' the flower and your sister's gold flats! Sounds like you had a great holiday :)

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I love the flower in your hair!! it really makes the entire outfit more chic and feminine! love it!

Muito Igual a VocĂȘ said...

Hi! What a nice family you have! You two girls are gorgeous. I loved the flower in your hair. So girly and charming. ;-) Have a nice weekend!

chic said...

This sounds like my ideal Thanksgiving - a great bike ride in a gorgeous city, a hike, and then yummy food! And you and your sister looks super cute - I love her metallic flats and the gorgeous flower in your hair! S.

Orchid Grey said...

wow, i would have KILLED to have this same family tradition of the bike ride! it sounds like so much fun! great outfits too, love that striped dress!

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

thanks! my sister is clearly the one who should have the fashion blog instead of me--she's darling!

Dottie said...

A bike ride is a perfect way to work off a Thanksgiving feast. Marin must be a gorgeous place to cycle - looks like it based on your pictures :)

AB said...

great blog Tania! it was good to see you this weekend and I love your take on fashion...i bet you would enjoy the only fashion blog (of sorts) i visit, its a great hodgepodge of supercute fashion items that is updated most everyday, happy holidays :-)

Ashley M. said...

Wow! A 17-mile bike ride sounds like a fantastic way to celebrate T-Giving! Love your dress-up outfit, too :)

Ashley M.
(never home)maker

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