Monday, November 30, 2009

Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed

Works Cited

ruffled shirt: j crew (via jeremy's)

gray skirt: american apparel

belt: hand-me-down from mom

tights: american eagle

socks: target

boots: indigo

earrings: gift

Yesterday, I wrote about where I find outfit inspiration. I recently stumbled upon jesse anne o's blog, where she wears this American Apparel skirt in inventive ways. I loved this skirt hard this summer, when I wore it just about every other day, but I hadn't thought as much about translating it into autumn and winter wear. I love the way she belts it (borrowed), pairs it with tights (borrowed), and keeps the palette sophisticated.

And to keep the tone of the outfit serious, I did my librarian hair, which I will sadly have to retire when the weather gets too cold to head out without a hat.

Librarian Hair

American Apparel also does a pretty nice job on its website pairing this skirt with lots of tops, including button-ups. I love the combination and wanted to try it out myself. I like the way this turned out...expect to see more of this summer skirt in the mix this winter.

Ruffle Detail


Ashley M. said...

Cute outfit!!! I especially love the shirt!

piglet said...

So cute! I love the shirt and layered socks and tights!

caffeinerd said...

Love the knee-high socks with boots/tights...I need to try that!

English Rose said...

this is such a great look!

really great blog - wanna trade links?

English Rose x

jesse.anne.o said...

Awesome! I love this. (And thanks for the mention!)

Elaine said...

You look amazing!!! I love it. I think you did a great job transitioning the skirt into fall/winter.

nc2220 said...

The tonality is amazing- who would have thought that brown, blue and grey could look so posh? And I am always a fan of ruffles- make every outfit both prim and fun at the same time.

Filigree said...

I can never have enough of those ruffled shirts or of that blue-gray colour. Nice!

Lexie said...

i have a red skirt in this style! i really should work harder to style it for fall/winter weather! this is great inspiration.

La Historiadora de Moda said...

You look stunning here! I love the ruffled shirt and the hair!

princesspolitico said...

fabulous outfit - love your color combination. you look really sophisticated!


You Are My Fave said...

We have very similar styles. Does that make me a nerd?

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I love that you added the blue tights, it really makes the outfit very cute and chic.

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