Wednesday, November 25, 2009

San Francisco Afternoon

San Francisco Afternoon

San Francisco Afternoon

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pile of white tees: pillaged from sister's leftover drawers
gray sweater: grace elements (via philene's basement)
scarf: bought on the street in san francisco
jeans: j crew outlet
purple flats: target
bag: recently thrifted

This afternoon, boyfriend C. and I packed up to spend an afternoon in the city, doing the touristy stuff you never do until you have a guest. As we were getting on the train, C. realized that his camera battery was sitting in his charger at home. It was a disappointing moment, because not only did we miss out on photos of the amazing sunset, the sea lions, and the cable cars, but I didn't get any exciting outfit pictures in one of my favorite cities in the world (hence: the indoor shots).

On the other hand, it was kind of freeing to have forgotten a camera. I got to enjoy the world through my eyes instead of a lens.

It's a good idea to have a bunch of light layers for walking around San Francisco in the fall--when the sun is out, it's quite warm, but after dark, it tends to be pretty chilly--and having a pashmina to throw around your shoulders or neck comes in handy. I love this long cardigan and its white stripe, and wanted to keep things simple otherwise, but I did play with the blue-green color of this bag I picked up recently with the blue scarf and the dark teal earrings.

Bag/scarf detail


caffeinerd said...

Just randomly stumbled across your blog from clothedmuch----had to comment to say I LOVE the sweater! Great outfit :)

Muito Igual a VocĂȘ said...

Sweet outfit. I loved the flats ;)
And, you know, sometimes, my boyfriend and I visit these touristy stuff in our city and we never take a camera. It's so pleasent and romantic. Sometimes things happen... And, as we enjoy so much more we have many good stories. Once, before Valentine's day, a photographer stopped by our favorite place and asked us if we would mind taking some pictures and become the Valentine's Day's couple on the front page of a newspaper.Of course we agreed :D Amazing, uh? And there was another one, he was Dutch. We were at the same place when I heard him talking in English with his wife. My boyfriend asked me to go there and talk to him. I went and he was so nice with us. He took 2 pictures and sent me 3 months later, when he was back home. I put one on the blog. I think we attract photographers, haha.
But now I would really like to see your pictures of San Francisco. I've never traveled abroad, but I can't miss going there someday. Have a great Wednesday! Bkiss ;*

Julie said...

That purse...wonderful. Wonderful color and size and shape.

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