Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Neurotic (Dare I Say Nerdy) Planning Ahead

Please tell me I'm not alone in organizing piles of outfits at the beginning of the week. This isn't just a neurotic habit--it actually helps me get ready faster in the morning, which leaves me more time for important things like reading the news (okay, i confess, mostly blogs) and drinking coffee with my roommate.

Do you ever plan outfits ahead? Or do you prefer to feel out the weather and your mood every morning?


Julie said...

Vanilla closet? Are you kidding me? What superb style you have. And I wish I made piles. That would probably help my wearing-the-same-sweater-to-class-every-morning problem. Thanks for the kind comment!

somedaynewyorker said...

Some times it boosts my mood to put together outfits so ill set out outfit ideas for the future.

e.l. said...

I used to plan, but then I get tired and I don't care. Usually, by Friday..I'm digging around to find a bra. I just don't know where I put things some of the time. When I plan. I always make last minute changes.

Sasha said...

I cannot stick to a plan. If I set something out or have an outfit in mind, I'll wake up in the mood to wear something else. Even when travelling, I pack things that can be mixed and matched because I can't stick to pre-planned outfits.

Quite impressed by your planning!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I plan before hand, but dont decide the outfits of the week. What I do is that I randomly make a whole lot of outfits and take pictures of them. Then every night I look at the next day's weather and based on that and my mood I just pick an outfit from all the photos... jeje I think that might even be more nerdy... lol

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