Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Last of Bare Ankles

The Last of Bare Ankles, originally uploaded by Smart Style.

Works Cited
sweater: banana republic (custom buttons added by me)
shirt: old navy
pants: gap from the 1990's
flats: urban (sadly, lost in the leaves in the first photo)

Winter is coming, and soon, so I wanted to break out my favorite black pants one last time. I've had these since, oh, about 1997, when my mother forced them on me with her usual pragmatism ("black pants are so practical!"). When I grew too tall to wear them long, I just rolled them up. Oh, and they are PERFECT for bike-riding in the sun.

The sweater was also a mother-gift, and I recently sewed on new buttons. Why, you might ask? Not because I didn't like the old buttons (matching and cloth-covered), but because my boyfriend's demented cat--who regularly eats cereal, toilet paper, and hair elastics--gnawed two of them off while my head was turned. Thanks to childhood sewing classes, I snipped off the remaining original buttons and sewed on new ones in a snap.


Madeline P said...

Those shoes are awesome!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I really like what I see so far, and I will definetely be back.

GeekGirl said...

Cute outfit, but insanely cute shoes!

Muito Igual a VocĂȘ said...

The best thing is: you wear what fits on your body and it's beautiful, cute and not weird. It's simple. And I think it's not expensive too. I really don't like people trying to wear things that make them look like an ET. :P
This place is amazing! I loved it.

I'll come back here soon ;)

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