Monday, November 23, 2009

I Covet You, Oxfords

Tonight, out of nowhere, I found myself pining away for a pair of sweet oxford shoes. I love their nerdy, schoolboy aesthetic. With a pair of skinny black pants and a button-up, I'd feel like a nerdy schoolboy. I would also wear them with a bright skirt and a black turtleneck...or with a patterned dress and jacket.

The holidays are coming up...

Clockwise from top left: by steve madden, the tuxxedo; by topshop, the knox brogue; by anthropologie, the withered wingtips. Some others (if I had a million dollars) these brooks brother oxfords; if I ever wore heels, these urban outfitters wedges.

Am I alone in thinking these nerdy throwback shoes so-very-covet-able?


Muito Igual a VocĂȘ said...

No! You're not alone! I really think they're charming and elegant. I wish I could have the Leather Captoe Oxford one ;-) Haha, by the way, there's a shoe brand called Melissa, (do you know it?) that created some in plastic

If the link doesn't work, google 'melissa joy Herchcovitch, because they're his creation ;)

I love the colors. Well, these are two more things for us to put in that 'when-I-have-a-million-dollars-I'll-buy' list, :D

By the way, thanks for your comment. I wish you could undertsand what I write. Actually I was thinking that I can help you. I can start writing my posts in two versions English-Portuguese. That sounds nice because I need practice my writing.

Have a great week!
Bye dear ;*

Amy said...

love your blog -- just found it. I'm wearing some black on black saddle oxfords and LOVE them -- get compliments on them, too.

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

thanks, amy! i hope you keep comin' back. (and p.s. i just bought some brown oxfords...impulse control=zero).

jesse.anne.o said...

I, too, love oxfords. <3

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