Monday, November 9, 2009

I Covet You, Bicycles

gary fisher simple city

bianchi milano citta

I'm not usually the type to go for a new and shiny bike (the two in my garage date back at least forty years each), but these two bicycles might change my mind. I love the vintage feel of the gary fisher, in particular (and if you switched out the handebars on the bianchi, it would have a similar effect). It also might be nice to hop on a bicycle that's both chic-looking and weighs less than 38 pounds. If I'm going to be lugging around a lot of weight, I'd hope it's in books, rather than in the bicycle frame itself.


Jennifer Fabulous said...

You have a cute blog! I love that first bike. The color is really pretty. :)

E said...

I love the aqua color! Perfect for the vintage vibe. Oh and glad to know you're an Eliot fan, as well :-)

Dottie said...

I'm a fan of the Gary Fisher Simple City. The woman of Two Pitties in the City rides one and it's super cute.

Adam said...

I test rode a Simple City. It was nice, although I admit that I hated the aluminum frame. It was light, but felt really buzzy. Fundamentally, it is very similar as your Triumph. The componants are new, so it's probably more reliable, but like I said it's aluminum buzzy and faux vintage is no substitute for true vintage. Your bike is cooler, so stop coveting. ;-)


Ellenitza said...

That first bike would be perfect on the boardwalk here in Venice. Thanks for these!

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