Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dress as Skirt

Dress as Skirt

Dress as Skirt

Works Cited
dress (worn as skirt): h&m
sweater: gift
tan belt: j crew
tights: target
flats: urban outfitters

Oh rats. There is something not quite right about this outfit that I didn't have time to fix this morning before running off to meetings. If I had the time for a do-over, I might swap out the blue flats for tan flats (the color of the belt), or swap out the striped sweater for a navy blue one. Luckily, I'll have ideas for next time.

I've been thinking more about wearing dresses as skirts to extend a wardrobe without buying new pieces. This dress works well for that purpose because it's fitted at the top so I can layer things on top of it without looking too bulky. I don't wear this sweater often, only because it's a bit shorter than I like, but on top of a dress, the proportions work well. I (mostly) like the way this turned out and will definitely remix this dress-as-a-skirt again.


Healthy and Homemade said...

I love wearing dresses as skirts =)

It's good for all the size 3/4 dresses I had when I was skeeeny that don't quite fit right on the *ahem* top region of my bod =P

You look great! I love the blue shoes, they're fun.

freeteyme said...

first time in your blog. I consider myself a nerd too - working with computers- but you definitely don't look the part! very cute outfit!

E said...

This look is perfect with the belt - great touch!!

Dottie said...

Cute outfit. I often wear cardigans with dresses, but I've never intentionally tried to make it look like a skirt. I think I'll try this sometime.

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I love that you added blue flats!! it really completes the outfit and makes it more interesting :)

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