Sunday, November 1, 2009

Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat

Works Cited

on the man in the yellow hat:
yellow shirt: ralph lauren
yellow mom jeans: goodwill (god knows why anyone would give away yellow mom jeans, but losers weepers!!)
black belt: urban outfitters
black boots: j crew
yellow hat: target

on curious george:
monkey hat: gift from roommate
onesie monkey suit: gift from college adviser

while more the work of a six year-old nerd than a grown-up nerd, this year's halloween costume made me pretty proud. it was inspired by the boyfriend's uncanny monkey imitations and my skill at admonishing. evidently, curious george and the man in the yellow hat are gay icons. has anyone heard of a queer reading of the man in the yellow hat? if so, i want to hear!


Filigree said...

I so need to wear this outfit when I lecture next week!

Smart Style said...

you'd be surprised how obedient everyone at my halloween party was...must be something about the hat that commands authority. i bet your students would be riveted!

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