Monday, November 16, 2009

50 New Outfits?

[ASIDE: This awesome drawing is by Nancy Torres, from the awesome flickr What I Wore Today group (drawings of people's outfits, which I could look at all day).]

I am always on the lookout for new inspiration on the style front. I recently found this list of fifty outfit ideas, some of which are pretty awesome, like:

48. Layer a wool jumper or sheath dress over a contrasting long sleeve t-shirt or thermal. Pair with wooly tights and rugged, flat boots for a cute daytime look.

25. Try cropped and cuffed pants over bold tights with knee boots and a blazer. This may also work with fitted or layered knits.

16. Layer a shirt dress over a print or contrast vintage thermal. Wear with metallic ballet flats and a headband.

12. Winterize a pretty skirt by wearing with a chunky crewneck sweater.

I especially like these because they are classic and a little conservative (which is where my style tends to go) while still being fun. They also help me think of new ways to winterize my summer clothes and to wear pieces in new ways. Have you seen the way the Clothes Horse remixes a single dress about a million times (by the way, this girl is adorable)? And Musing Around did something similar recently, too. It makes me think about wearing my sundresses in all new ways...


The Owl's Closet said...

i'll have to check out this flickr group! what a creative way to showcase the outfit of the day. thanks for the tips above:)

You Are My Fave said...

I kept a few of my summer skirts out to pair with sweaters and tights. Love these ideas.

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I love this post!! I completely love reading about new ways to wear what you already have. Since I have never had a fall or winter season (I'm from Panama), I am trying to figure out what is appropriate to wear or not... for now, I have just worn my summer dresses with tights and coats just because I love dresses... jeje, but this article looks great. Thanks for sharing!

jesse.anne.o said...

Wow, I totally remember that from when I had a Style Diary account. Thanks for posting it.

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